Sunday Extra

Still seemed a little sore this morning but didn’t feel it by the time I got to the gym and was moving around.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 3:00 Jump Rope
  • 3 Sets
    • 5 ATYs (5#)
    • 10/10 Monster Walks (small red band)


8 Rounds

  • 20s Hollow Hold
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s HS Hold
  • 10s Rest

I expected this to get tough, but it was really no issue. My hands were up really close to the wall and felt like I was barely using the wall for any support.


Warmed up with 6 reps of each using 45# and then 95#.

5 Sets – Every 2:30

  • 6 Pendlay Rows (135#)
  • 6 Good Mornings (135#)

I was supposed to go with a supinated grip this week but once I got into my warm-up sets I completely forgot. Whoops!

Worked up the hang power cleans with:

  • 3×135#
  • 3×155#
  • 3×175#
  • 3×195#


6 Rounds – E3M

  • 3 Heavy Hang Power Clean (205#)
  • 100m Row Sprint
  • * Rest additional 4:00 b/t sets 3-4

Based off some OPEX stuff again. Wore my belt for these and loosened or threw it off while moving to the rower. In the second set I tried going too fast and didn’t get the bar high enough so had to bail. After that I took an extra second to reset between reps and do the hang closer to my knees instead of such a high hang. Didn’t have intervals set on the rowing monitor, but the rows were taking me about 16-17 seconds.

First day golfing with the guys tomorrow so had to restructure my week. Didn’t want to miss pressing strength so added in a PM session. Did a ROMWOD after lunch.


2 Sets

  • 5s of StrongFit Tricep & Bicep Openers (8#)
  • 9 Shoulder Press (45#, 75#)
  • 6/6 OH Weighted Reverse Lunges (45#, 75#)


E3M – 6 Sets

  • 9 Shoulder Press (95#)
  • 6/6 Overhead Reverse Lunges (95#)

Haven’t felt any discomfort in my wrists with this combo and it’s now been 3 or 4 weeks. Press reps will keep increasing for a few weeks, but should still be ok. Imagine all of this overhead time should help with jerk stability too.

Murph Prep

  • E30S – 10 Sets
    • 8 Air Squats (40# vest)
  • E30S – 10 Sets
    • 4 Push-ups  (40# vest)

Set the clock for continuous intervals, so no extra rest going from the squats to the push-ups. Had no idea how this would go, so was a bit conservative with the rep counts.

Pork Gainz

Wasn’t feeling as motivated to get out of bed for the squat rack this morning, but I made it. I bet the beers I had last night have something to do with that. 🙂 My legs are still pretty sore from the week. Warmed up with 3:00 Air Dyne (1.4km).

1-1/4 Front Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 3×125#
  • 3×135#
  • 3×145#
  • 3×165#
  • 3×185#
  • 3×205#

Might have felt something in that right quad doing these. Will need to keep an eye on it. That makes 5 days in-a-row at the squat rack. Nothing heavy, but greasing the groove.

Went to the 9am class.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • PVC Pass-thrus
  • Air Squats


Hang Muscle Snatch

  • 5×45#
  • 5×75#
  • 5×95#

Gotta be careful bringing them down. Felt some pinching in my left shoulder if I got sloppy.


  • 3×115#
  • 3×135#
  • 2×145#
  • 1×155#
  • 1×165#
  • 1×175#
  • 1×185#

Second rep of 145# and the 185# were power snatches. All the others I rode down. No misses. I haven’t attempted any weight in well over a month. That 185# power snatch was the easiest, by far, that I’ve ever done one.


4 Rounds

  • 8/8 Kroc Rows (70#)
  • 5 Weighted Push-ups (sandbag – 40#?)

It’s nice to have my 70# kettlebell at the gym now. I’d never used it once at home so figured I’d get more use out of it at CFi.


4 Rounds

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Plate Snatches (55#)
  • 15 Air Squats
  • 200m Run

I tried to keep my pace up on the runs. Finished in 8:54. Walked a 200 after.

Accessory 2

Reverse Hyper

  • 10×210#
  • 10×260#
  • 10×300#
  • 10×320#

Knocked out Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap and then 15 minutes of stretches. Picked up some gainz from the Makin’ Bacon Truck on the way home.


Squat Tools

I’m a little beat up this morning in a fatigued way. Mid back near the bottom of my scaps is sore. In for the 9am class.


  • 3x10x210# Reverse Hypers
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 10 Toe Touches
  • 25 Jumping Jacks


Back Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×205#
  • 5×235#
  • 5x5x255#
  • 5×275#
  • 5×285#

The last 7 sets were done every 90 seconds. I used a belt and my weightlifting shoes today. The weight felt really heavy but started to feel better as I got into the sets of 255. I think I had to get used to a new position with the shoes on. Could feel myself leaning to the left side on some reps due to this weird knot in my right leg that I’ve had for a couple of months now. Need to figure out how to fix it.



4 Sets NFT

  • 6 Weighted Push-ups
  • 6 Weighted V-ups

Used a 40# sandbag for the push-ups. 20# DB for first set of V-ups and then 30# DB for the other 3 sets.


3 Rounds

  • 2:00 AMRAP
    • 3 Bear Complex (115#)
    • 8 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • 1:00 Rest

The bear always wins. Gave myself a push at the end though. The wall balls really surprised me. I could barely throw the ball up in my last round. We continued each AMRAP where we left off. I got 2+1, then through 4, and finished with 6+1.

Jumped back on the reverse hyper for 3x10x210# after cooling off.

Running Bear

Not feeling it when I woke up this morning. Thought about staying home and hitting up a class later, but got my ass moving and made it to the 9am class.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 4 Rounds
    • 30s Squat Hold
    • 30s Ring Hang
  • 10 Air Squats


  • 10×45# Back Squats
  • 5×135# Back Squats
  • 4×225# Back Squats
  • 4×245# Back Squats
  • 4×265# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips
  • 4×270# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips
  • 4×275# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips
  • 4×280# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips
  • 4×275# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips
  • 4×275# Back Squats
  • MU + 5 Ring Dips

The last rep with 280# didn’t feel so good on my low mid back, so I dropped 5# and did the last two sets instead of continuing to increase. Really focused on staying tight with my chest up on the last 2 sets. Decided to do my ring dips up in support after a muscle-up for an extra challenge.


15:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Bear Complexes (115#)
    • Squat Clean Thruster
    • Back Thruster
  • 10 Burpees
  • 300m Run

I did 4 complete rounds plus 3 bear complexes. Dropped the bar on every rep during the 4 rounds and then did the final 3 unbroken as the clock was running out. Weight was perfect for this. Runs sucked! Walked about 200m after the workout.

Glad I made it in and got the workout done. Took an afternoon break out to the garage and started with Crossover Symmetry Activation to get the shoulders ready. Also did some shoulder press sets to get warm with 5×45#, 5×75#, and 5×105#.


  • 5-5-5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press (120#)
  • Push-ups 2-1-2-1-2-1-2
    • 2s: 20# Weight Vest
    • 1s: Clapping w/ vest

Shoulder presses felt better than the first day back on a Smolov Jr. cycle. The push-ups weren’t that bad. Maybe not the greatest choice for the XWOD.


  • 500m
  • Rest 2:1
  • 5-8 Rounds *If you begin falling off pace dramatically then stop, minimum of 5 efforts*
    • 250m @ 85-95% of 500m pace (~2:02)
    • Rest 1:1
  • 500m

I set a PR on the first 500m with a 1:49.6 and really fell off pace in the last 200m. Would do better not going out so fast, but I was trying the technique improvements (see video below) and didn’t have any idea what I’d be able to do. My splits on the 250s were consistent, actually getting faster as I got more comfortable with the technique.

  • 1:02.4
  • 1:02.5
  • 1:02.0
  • 1:01.9
  • 1:01.0
  • 1:01.3
  • 1:01.3
  • 1:01.1

Then the last 500m my goal was to be able to hold the pace I’d been using for the 250m intervals since it was on the short rest coming off the last one. Did a 2:01.2, so goal accomplished.

Walked 0.44 miles around the block to cool down and catch my breath. Then did Crossover Symmetry Plyometrics.

Some Hills

Lot’s going on today. Headed to Survival Fitness earlier than the normal 10am so I could drag the sled, get in a workout, and be out of there by 11am.


0.56 mile slid drag with 135# in 14:45. Needed this because my ass and hamstrings are beat up from yesterday.


Weighted Chin-ups

  • 3 @ 20#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 30#
  • 3 @ 35#

Probably could have gone up 5# each set instead of spending 2 sets at 25#.

Weighted Push-ups

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 55#

Got really tough on the last reps of the last two sets.

Weighted Planks

  • 30s @ 70#
  • 30s @ 80#
  • 30s @ 90#
  • 30s @ 90#

Had to really fight to keep my core from dropping. Heavy!


7 Rounds

  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 K2E
  • 21 DU (Unbroken)

I did this one back in February out in Phoenix in a time of 10:48, with some HSPU failing at the end. I hadn’t missed at all on DU then though. Today I missed one set of DU after 14 and another set after 16. Still getting used to the lighter Rx cable I think. My HSPU were much better though, so I finished in 9:55! Solid improvement in 5 months.

I had a 90 minute massage in the afternoon that was great.

In the evening I went out to the soap box derby with Kevin and Ellen to run some hill sprints. Warmed up with a jog around the track which is probably 600-700m.

10 Rounds

  • Hill Sprint (About 150 paces)
  • Slow walk back down to recover

Walked a lap for a cool down. Not too long after, my hamstrings were tightening up already. Deadlifting should be fun in the morning.

Working on Upper Body Strength

My legs needed a day off today. Did 20 minutes on the rower at a nice pace and went 4,395m. At each of my 5 minute splits I went faster and faster. Felt good.

Then went over to Kevin’s tonight for some strength work.

Shoulder Press

  • 10 @ 65#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 135#
  • 5 @ 140#

Both of the last two sets were higher than the 130# I did a few weeks ago. The reps at 140# were kind of ugly with some upper back in there to help out.

Weighted Chin-ups

  • 3 @ 10#
  • 3 @ 15#
  • 3 @ 20#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 35#

These were so much easier than when I did 5×5 a couple of weeks ago and had to struggle for 15# on the last set. Quite a jump this time around.

Weighted Dips

  • 1 @ 25#
  • 1 @ 35#
  • 1 @ 45#
  • 1 @ 50#
  • 1 @ 60#
  • 1 @ 70#

Jumping up into support and then the negative portion of the dip are the hardest part. Pushing out of the bottom felt just fine and none were too difficult.

Weighted Push-ups

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 60#
  • 8 @ 70#

First set was easy, but not so easy after that. Also knocked out a set of 10 strict pull-ups, which is still my unbroken PR from this summer, so felt good to be able to do that many after so much work. Then did 4 strict chest to bar pull-ups on this fat bar thing where your hands are in close with the palms facing each other.

A Date with Diane in my Garage

Today’s WOD at Survival Fitness was 100 Power Cleans with 5 burpees on the minute every minute. I had already done “Grace” twice, 50 Curtiss Ps, and other cleans to get the bar in the rack position this week, so I figured it wasn’t a good idea to go in for the OLY class or the WOD. That’s ok though because it let me do some stuff I’ve been wanting to do.

Strength #1

4 Rounds

  • 5-8 Weighted Push-ups (45# plate on back)
  • 30s Weighted Plank on hands (45# plate on back)
  • 2m Rest

I was by myself, so getting the plate on my back wasn’t the easiest. After the last push-up, it was straight into the plank. I was able to get all 8 reps during each set of push-ups. Probably should have gone to exhaustion on that last set.

Strength #2

5×5 Deadlifts

I warmed up with a set of 10 @ 135# and then used 225#, 275#, 305#, 325#, and 350# for my working sets. These felt really good. It was slow getting the 350# started, but the reps weren’t a problem and my grip never felt like it was giving out. According to a 1 rep max calculator I should be able to do 394#, so maybe I’ll be ready for 400# in 2 weeks when we test it. I made sure to take 2-3 minutes of rest between each set.


mini “Diane”

  • Deadlifts (225#)
  • HSPUs

I did this same thing back in June in a time of 4:49, but I had to resort to using an AbMat an even kipping with the AbMat for the HSPUs. Today I didn’t use an AbMat at all and finished in 5:18. The set of 6 at the end was brutal. I had to kip one at a time and come down off the wall to rest. I’m sure the weighted pull-ups and planks didn’t exactly help with the arm exhaustion. The deadlifts weren’t a big deal, but they do fry your back a bit, making it hard to keep a good position on the wall. I broke the set of 9 into 5 and 4, but the 12 and 6 were unbroken.

It had been at least a couple of months since I’ve done any HSPUs, so it was give them some attention.


Tabata DUs

These are no joke, especially after doing the HSPUs.