90s Are Coming

Walked 18 holes yesterday and it was the hottest day we’ve had so far. Felt it out there and felt the fatigue in my legs this morning. Out in the garage at about 4 with Bryan.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 5×135
  • 5×165
  • 5×195
  • 4x5x220
  • 3x10x205
  • 3x10x175 (close grip)


  • 3×10 Tricep Rock-n-Rolls (35# DBs)

Skipped the side raises and bent-over side raises due to time. They are usually in the program a couple of times a week anyway.


5 Rounds

  • 10 C&J (95#)
  • 20 Toes to Rings
  • 400m Run

I was planning on doing 2 sets of 5 clean and jerks, but Bryan was going unbroken so I did too. No problem doing every set unbroken. The rings are not in a great position relative to my rack for doing much. I had to kind of twist to one side to miss hitting it. I started out with 10/10 on the rings for the first 2 rounds and then started to break them up into mostly sets of 5 with some 3s and 4s.

When I finished the first round at about 3:33 I felt like sub 20 was possible if I didn’t rest too much between movements or between sets on the rings. Each round my average pace got closer to 4 minute rounds. I had just over 4 minutes to get in the final round. I shortened my transition rests and was able to step it up on my run to came in at 19:44.

This next week is supposed to be at or above 90 every day. Yuck!

Back From Bulgaria

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30am UTC+3 (9:30pm Eastern on Sunday night) to travel home, so was up for over 24 hours again. I did get some little naps on the flights though. Planned to bench when I got home but all I wanted to do was be lazy. Bryan came over at 4 to bench with me. I warmed up with 3 minutes (0.89 miles) on the Airdyne. Start of week 6 on the Hybrid Push Only program and with a long weekend out-of-town I wanted to get in 2 days worth today.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 5×135
  • 5×165
  • 5×195
  • 4x5x210
  • 3x10x195
  • 3x10x165 (close grip)

The 4×5 working sets were prescribed to be at 75%. Thought I might feel weak, but felt good after the week of rest.


  • 3×10 Tricep Rock-n-Rolls (30-35-35#)
  • 3×10 DB Side Raises (20#)
  • 3×15 DB Bent-over Side Raises (15-15-20#)

Pull-up Day

  • 3×10 Pull-ups (quick 6-4)
  • 3×10 Rack Chins (25#)
  • 3×15 Banded Lat Pull-downs (green)
  • 3×10 DB Curls (30#)
  • 3×20 Shoulder IYT (CS Purple)

I had just started to sprinkle but I headed out for a run. Went a shorter loop, which was 2.09 miles in 22 minutes.

Volume Day

My hands are sore from raking and my legs seem to be feeling those squat movements from yesterday. Out in the garage at 1pm.

I made some Farmer Carry handle straps this weekend. Super cheap and work great.

Bench Press

Moved inside the rack starting today to be safer with the straps that are in place.

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 8×135
  • 8×165
  • 4x8x180
  • 3x10x200
  • 3x10x165 (close grip)

I think it was during the second set of 8×180 that I thought there was no way I would get through the heavier tens. Did it though. Those close grip reps continue to be a challenge. Feels so different. This volume day is getting nuts even with some rep decreases.


  • 3×10 DB Tricep Rollback (30-30-35#)
  • 3×15 DB Side Raises (15#)
  • 3×15 DB Bentover Side Raises (15#)

Had clock running to keep resting on track. Finished at 58:35.

Such pump! Lotta reps!

Changed into some compression shorts, laced up the shoes, and headed out for a run on a beautiful day.


Did a loop I run quite often which is 2.57 miles. Did pretty well keeping it in the aerobic zone. Average heart rate turned out to be 138 and the zone alarms that were going off were triggered on 1-3 beats on the high side. Felt easy running at that pace, but it is quite slow. Took me 28:44 (RunKeeper).

Performance Plus

Traps and neck are sore from yesterday. Legs seem fine from the squats though. Had a last chiro appointment to make sure everything was smooth sailing. Wanted to get in workouts at home, but while I was out figured I might as well just walk over to the gym. I started the Push-Only program for real today.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 8×135
  • 4x8x170
  • 3x12x185

It seems weird to do the working sets of 8 and then what seems like should be drop sets (supposed to be to failure in 10-12 reps) have to be heavier. I was too light on them.

Close Grip Bench Press

  • 12×135#
  • 12×150
  • 12×165

These were supposed to be the same failure in 10-12 reps but I wasn’t really sure what I was capable of. When I did sets of 12 with 115 and 120 recently I wouldn’t call it easy. These weights were no issue though.


  • DB Tricep Rollback
    • 15 with 20#
    • 15 with 25
    • 15 with 30
  • 3×15 DB Side Raises (10#)
  • 3×15 DB Bent-over Side Raises (10#)

Definitely hit failure on that final set of JM Press! The last 5 were some ugly reps.

Performance Plus

Last week I saw Pamela Gagnon of CrossFit Gymnastics was pairing up with The Barbell Physio to launch a new prehab program. Only being a 10-20 minute time commitment caught my eye.

View this post on Instagram

| LAUNCHING SOON | ———————— ▪️ Beyond excited to join up with Zach Long, Dr of Physical Therapy, aka @thebarbellphysio to give you guys an amazing PREHAB PROGRAM …we are combing PT & Gymnastics Conditioning to get you stronger and help prevent injury. ———————– Here is what you will get with Performance Plus: ▪️each month we will focus on section of the body ▪️month 1: Shoulders ▪️each week we release 4 workouts (10-20min long) to do in congruence w your current regime. ▪️each day has a detailed video with us "coaching" you through the movement to ensure your execution and form is correct. 🔹These are basic movements for every level but have HUGE impact when done together. ———————— 🔹stay tuned for our release date 🔹 ———————- #performanceplus #programming #gymnastics #physicaltherapy

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The program dropped already on The Barbell Physio site! Couldn’t believe it came out so quick, unlike the Brute Gymnastics program which they’ve been promising for about 2 years. They’re giving a 14 day free trial so I’m going to add it in the days I do this Hybrid Push-Only program and see how it goes.

  • Pec Minor Soft Tissue Mobility: 2x 20-30 seconds each side (video)
  • Crab sliders: 3:00 Tabata (video)
  • Overhead Snatch Shrugs: 3x10x45# (video)

Pretty simple stuff and easy to get through. I paused for a quick 2 count in each shrug.


  • 20:00 Airdyne

Wore my Garmin to keep an eye on my heart rate and keep it aerobic but it was only reading 101 for some reason. I’ll have to try a software update. I kept the RPMs at about 72-73 based off the pace that worked for my 30 minute “ride” last week. Did 11.59km.


Bench Experimentation

Did some new bench press related stuff in the garage tonight.

Inclined Dynamic/Speed Bench Press

  • 2 Sets of 3 @ 45#
  • 2 Sets of 3 @ 95#
  • 3 Sets of 3 @ 115# (index finger on smooth part of bar)
  • 3 Sets of 3 @ 115# (extended thumb on the edge of the knurling)
  • 3 Sets of 3 @ 115# (pinky on the power ring)

Decline DB Press

  • 20 @ 30# DBs
  • 20 @ 35# DBs
  • 20 @ 40# DBs

After the first set we propped the foot of the bench up on one of my platforms to get more of a decline.

Tricep Rollbacks

  • 15 @ 15# DBs
  • 15 @ 20# DBs
  • 15 @ 20# DBs
  • 15 @ 25# DBs

I had only done the dynamic benching on a flat bench before and never with the different grip positions. It was a nice change going inclined and switching up the grips like that. Found the info after doing a little research into how Westside does their dynamic days. They also suggested the DB presses and some triceps work. None of the work really killed me, but we’ll see how I feel from it tomorrow.