Running On Fumes

I was wide awake at 4:30am. After laying there for another 15 minutes, I crawled out of bed and put on the coffee. Was I really going to go to the 5:45am class? Yep!


5 Rounds

  • 15s Zombie Kicks
  • 15s Jumping Jacks
  • 15s Standing Bicycles
  • 15s Butt Kicks


5×5 Deadlift

I went with 10 reps at 135#, then 5 each at 225#, 275#, 315#, and 345#. Once I had 345# moving, the reps were smooth and pretty easy. Now that I look back in my book, I made a mistake and should hove gone heavier. I got 345# for 5 reps with a 3″ deficit a few weeks ago. Oh well, it saved me from having to use more weight in the WOD I guess.


24:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 5 Deadlifts (175#) & 7 Burpees
  • Evens: 15 Russian KBS (53# KB)

Wasn’t bad at all. Easily completed all of the reps within the 30 second goal of each minute. My low back did start to get a little tight, but I was already feeling it some from the C&Js yesterday.


100 AbMat Sit-ups

Flew through these in 3:34, beating my time of 4:03 from October 2nd. Good way to finish off the workout.

To be honest, it was kind of fun working out with a different group of people and the early morning didn’t bother me once I was up and moving. Fun to be in a class taught by Cora too. I’ll probably need a nap at some point later today.

Snatches and Burpees

My legs are a little sore from the back squats, thrusters, and air squats. Got up again and went to the 6am class at CrossFit Pacific Beach. Although it’s easy for me getting up because of the 3 hour time difference I’m really liking getting in my workout so early. Might have to try it when I get back home.


  • 400m Run
  • 2 rounds
    • 7 Push-ups
    • 9 Burpee Tuck Jumps
    • 11 Ring Rows
  • 50 DUs

I did really well on the ring rows, but it’s probably because they were higher than I’d normally have them. We did some PVC work and a bit of stretching after the above warm-up. Then we did a few snatches with increasing weight to get to something comfortable to use in the WOD.

WOD #1

5 rounds

  • 3 Power Snatches (95#)
  • 6 Ring Dips
  • 9 Pull-ups

After each round, rest for 2 minutes.

My rep scores for the rounds were 45, 37, 35, 35, and 30. Ring dips were my biggest struggle, but I didn’t use any bands throughout the WOD. Pull-ups also got me in the last round. I think this was the first time I’ve done barbell snatches in a WOD and I really liked it.

I got back to the hotel, ready to run another day of Bootcamp for Automatticians. We warmed up with some air squats to loosen up the legs from yesterday and then did some World’s Greatest Stretches.

WOD #2

The original plan was to do 100 burpees for time with a 10:00 time limit. But only 4 people showed up today and I was pretty exhausted from the WOD at the box, so I switched it up.

10:00 EMOTM

  • 10 Burpees

I went with 10 burpees, which gives me a solid 24 seconds of work. I had everyone else base their number off when I finished in that first minute. I’m glad we didn’t do the original plan for everyone’s sake, including mine. I felt like I was really dying in the last 5 minutes, but was able to keep hitting my 24 second sweet spot.


3 Tabata Rounds

  • Standing Bicycles
  • Flutter Kicks

Tomorrow we’re doing a 5K as one of the company meetup activities so it’ll be a rest day from the WODs.

9 Days in a Row

I wasn’t as sore as I expected this morning, considering the volume of deadlifts and power cleans I did yesterday. We had a kettlebell seminar at Survival Fitness today so I figured it was a great idea to attend the 11am class so I could just stay for the seminar, which was scheduled to be an hour and a half long.


Tabata Mash-up (6 rounds)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Steam Engines


  • 1 mile run
  • 10 rounds
    • 10 Ring Push-ups
    • 10 One-arm DB Snatches (45#)
  • 1 mile run

I ran the first mile in my best gym time 6:18. Last week I ran a 6:14, but the RunKeeper GPS was kind of funky there, so I’m not sure I should count that time. Total time for the WOD was 3:20 (no way this was correct). I would have used a 60# DB if I hadn’t done all that clean work last night and didn’t just do 100 one-arm snatches with 50# last week. I was really fatigued during this workout.

We had about 20 or 30 minutes before the kettlebell seminar started. In the seminar we did all kinds of stuff, including Russian swings, American swings, cleans, snatches, clean and press, clean and jerk, goblet squats, front squats, hand to hand swings, Turkish get-ups, 1/4 get-ups, windmills, and probably a ton of other stuff I’m forgetting. At the end, we did a WOD.

  • 100 Single KB Thrusters (50 each side)
  • 50 Hand-to-hand Russian Swings
  • 40 1/4 Get-ups (20 each side)

I used a 35# KB for everything and finished in 10:35. Absolutely gassed!

I’m definitely taking the next two days off, will WOD on Tuesday, and then either do a WOD or a run on Thursday. I’m surprised with how well my body has handled working out 9 days in a row, but I need to recover and make sure I’m ready to go for the competition on Saturday.

Do You Like Butterflies?

This morning it was back on the Armstrong Pull-up Program after the prescribed two days off, so I banged out my 3 sets of push-ups in the morning. Walked 18 holes of golf and then worked, so I attended the 8pm class for the first time. It was a fun partner WOD.


2 rounds

  • 1m Plank Step-outs
  • 1m Standing Bicycle/Steam Engine
  • 1m Side Bends (35# KB)
  • 1m Russian Twist (35# KB)
  • 1m Superman Plank
  • 1m Rest

The plank step-outs and Superman planks were both new to me. I could feel both of them working right away.


We partnered up and did a ladder with 2 exercises, wall balls (20# MB) and box jumps (24″). I was teamed up with Jason, who has lost over 60 pounds since he started about 3 months ago. Amazing! Jason did 25 wall balls, while I did 25 box jumps. When we both completed our reps, we swapped exercises, but were now on 24 reps. So each time we switched, we decreased a rep. In the end I did more box jumps and Jason did more wall balls, but I think it was only a difference of 13 reps. My goal was to complete all of my sets unbroken, which I was able to do. Jason did an awesome job and we ended up setting the best time for the day with 20:09. I know you’re not supposed to compare yourself too much to everyone else, but that’s still one hell of a feeling and I can’t help by try to win everything I do.


After the WOD, I alternated between doing 10 pistols (switching legs each rep) and working on the butterfly kipping pull-up. As the sets went on, my pistols got better and better. It’s all about finding the balance points when I do them. As far as the butterfly pull-ups go, they are a work-in-progress. I started to feel some of the cycling, and got 2 in a row towards the end.

As soon as I got home I knocked out 5 max rep sets of strict pull-ups with 90 seconds of rest in between for the Armstrong program. After just doing a bunch of pull-up work at Survival Fitness, I didn’t get too many.

At Survival Fitness Warm up 30 reps each…

At Survival Fitness.


30 reps each:

  • High knees
  • Zombie kicks
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • Butt kicks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Standing bicycles

If you finish before everyone else, do 30 jumping jacks on the minute every minute until everyone is done.


Using a deck of cards, one card will be flipped over at a time for 40:00.


  • ♣ – Now and Laters (4 count plyo lunges – 2 each leg)
  • ♠ – Plank (1 minute)
  • – Pull-ups (ring rows)
  • – Burpees


  • Ace – 14
  • King – 13
  • Queen – 12
  • Jack – Pick another card and double it, also using the suit of the new card
  • 10 through 2 – face value

So…for example when a King of diamonds came up we did 13 ring rows. If a jack (any suit) comes up, another card is flipped. If the next card was the 9 of clubs that would be 9 x 2 = 18 Now and Laters, which themselves consist of 4 lunges, so we would have 72 lunges! As you can see, things add up fast. Oh, and plank is always one minute unless a jack is involved and it would become 2 minutes. If you picked the ace of spades you wouldn’t have to do 14 minutes of plank!

In the 40:00 time limit I finished 30 of the 52 cards. High counts (not total for the workout) were 68 lunges (42 another time), 42 burpees (I think it was 3 hearts in a row), and 28 ring rows. Somewhere is the middle of the WOD I switched from plyo lunges to regular lunges.