My legs have been really sore since Thursday…

My legs have been really sore since Thursday when we did front and goblet squats. I almost collapsed when I got out of bed on Saturday that’s how sore I was. It doesn’t help that I went hiking on Friday and walked 18 holes of golf each of the last two days. Who needs rest days?

I just got back from the Olympic lifting class at CrossFit Full Strength. I’ve really wanted to check it out, but this was the first time I could make it. Two weeks ago I was in Mexico and last weekend I was recovering from getting sick there. John, the Olympic lifting coach, was a key member of the 2005 Team Arizona Junior National Champions, so it’s a great opportunity to learn from him.

I got warmed up with a 500m row and then we started working on the snatch. To be honest it’s kind of a scary looking exercise because you are taking a barbell and weights from the ground to overhead in one fluid, but complex, movement. I’ve never done a snatch in my life so I got some special attention. I was able to learn the basics of the snatch quicker than most people I guess. John was impressed with how fast I picked it up and said it takes most people quite awhile. Of course I still was doing a lot of little things wrong and have a lot to work on. Felt good overall though and it’s not really as scary as it looks.

After the snatch, we moved on to power cleans, which I’ve done several times now in class. It was good to have John give me some tips because the clean in probably the exercise I feel the least comfortable with. In the back of my mind I fear the barbell is going to smash me in the face or smack my chin. It’s probably because of this that I don’t have the fast elbows yet when I get under the bar. It’s a work in progress for me.

I’m really glad I went to this class and I’m going to try and make it every week. Getting better technique will help me improve my strength and endurance, but will also make it safer for me to do the lifts and CrossFit WODs involving them.