Return to Super Sunday

My lats are sore from the pull-ups yesterday. Chest is a little sore too. Out in the garage early again. Warmed up with 5:00 Air Dyne (2.38km).

Coffee Squats

2 Front + 5 Back

  • 45#
  • 95#
  • 135#
  • 155#
  • 175#
  • 195#
  • 215#
  • 235#

Far cry from the most I’ve done for this squat complex, but it’s the most weight I’ve had on the bar in over 2 months. Coming back slow and steady.

After missing the last couple of Sundays, I was glad to be back.


  • 1,000m Row (4:20)
  • CS Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Shoulder mobility with band


3 Rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 21 American KBS (53#)
  • 12 Pull-ups

pumpsFirst run was about 1:35 so I knew I was on a solid pace. Was able to do each set of kettlebell swings and pull-ups unbroken though I had to dig deep to stay on the bar for the last 4. Got slower on the runs, but held on ok. Finished in 8:53, which is a 37 second PR and probably the most legit 400m runs I’d done with Helen as far as distance. Must have been the Pumps, which I wore for the first time. Have had running in a workout the last 3 days and it has felt decent, which is a nice surprise. Walked 200m to cool down.

4x NFT

  • 50m Sled Pull between legs (145-190-220-235#)
  • 5 Strict Deficit HSPU (2″)

The sled pull was done walking forward bent over with the straps coming through your legs.

5 Rounds

  • 10 V-ups
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 30 Plyo Lunges

I split up the push-ups into 10-10 every round and did the v-ups and lunges unbroken. Every round of lunges was a deep burn, but the last two rounds were a fight to keep going. Finished in 8:42. Walked another 200m to try to flush out the legs some. My ass is going to be sore tomorrow!

Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap before leaving and will do some stretching tonight. Need to get outside and do some raking if the rain holds off.

Recovery-ish Night

After Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, normally I’d make today a rest day, but I have a golf outing tomorrow that take up most of the day. I walked 18 holes of golf in the morning and then went in to open gym at night.


3:00 Air Dyne


10 Rounds NFT

  • 45m Sled Drag (forward)
  • 5 T2B
  • 45m Sled Pull (backward)
  • 5 T2B

The load was 250# for the first 5 rounds and then 275# for the last 5 rounds. All T2B were unbroken for a total of 100 today. Didn’t really get the heart rate up so was a good recovery type workout.


Feeling beat up today after 3 big strength lifts yesterday. No golf this morning, so I went in at 10am for some low intensity, low impact recovery work.

Rowed a 500m, did 3:00 on the Air Dyne, and did some mobility stuff.

We set up a circuit with 285# on the sled, 180# on the prowler, and an 80# sandbag. For 30 minutes rotated around doing various sled drags (forward, forward low with straps between legs, and backwards with ass low), rope pull the prowler while sitting on the ground and then push the prowler back, and a shoulder carry walk with the sandbag. The sled and prowler were about 50 feet each direction and the weighted walk was about 50m down and back.

2 Rounds of the MB Passes

  • 10 Passes
  • 10 OH Passes
  • 10/10 Side passes
  • 10 Straight up passes

Feeling better after moving around.

“Rest” Day

My legs are smoked from yesterday. Slept in for once and I really needed it. Making today a lighter day.

Went out on the road a little after 9am. Warmed up with a 0.3 mile jog.


  • 100 yard hill sprint
  • Walk back


That was fun! I paced it out twice so the distance should be pretty close. Then I walked 0.3 miles back to the cottage.

Got out the sled at 8:30. Went 1.04 miles in 28:59 with 115# of weight. I started out walking forward, the switched to walking backwards after a quarter mile and switched every quarter mile. Longest sled work so far. Wasn’t 135# but felt good.

Strength Focus

My legs are feeling a bit sore. Not sure if it’s from the Super Squats or the step-ups on Wednesday. Shoulders are a little tight from the pressing and muscle-ups last night. In at 11 this morning.


  • 5:00 Air Dyne
  • 2 Rounds
    • 10/10 Leg Swings (F-B, S-S)
    • 10/10 Flamingos
    • 10/10 Scorpions
    • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 5 RDLs (135#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (115#)
  • 5 RDLs (225#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (145#)


10:00 E2M

  • 5 RDLs (275#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (155# first set, then 160# for 4 sets)

Got some new lifting straps that are much easier to use. Really helped with the heavy RDLs.

DB Bench Press

  • 20 @ 35# DBs (DB held with palms facing towards feet)
  • 3 x 20 @ 40# DBs (DB held with palms facing each other)
  • 20 @ 45# DBs (DB held with palms facing each other)

Switched to the other grip after the first round to try to work on keeping that elbow in. Should translate more to ring dips as well.

Sled Work

  • 150m Sled Drag (205#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)
  • 150m Sled Backwards Pull (160#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)
  • 150m Sled Drag (205#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)

Planned on doing 3 of the drag and 3 pulls, but it started raining.

Tough Mudder tomorrow with nearly 30 people from Survival Fitness!

Low Intensity

Feeling pretty good after the competition yesterday and have a high from the atmosphere, competing, and the win. Little sunburn on my shoulders, but nothing is really sore. In at 10:30 this morning.


Did some mobility work.



  • 5 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 125#

This is where not using wrist wraps really gets me. Wrists felt like they were going to break on the last two sets.


10:00 EMOM: 5 Reps (all strict)

  • 35# Plate Deficit for 4 sets
  • 25# Plate Deficit for 4 sets
  • No Deficit for 2 sets

A couple of weeks ago I used a 25# plate for all 10 sets, so 35# was a significant jump. I think the OHS fried my shoulders a bit and maybe feeling a little fatigue from yesterday. I’ll take the results though.


Kevin, Michelle, and I rotated for 3 rounds (everyone used a bit different weights) of:

  • Air Dyne at an easy pace
  • Backwards Sled Pull (25# + 90# for 2 rounds, 25# + 135# for 1 round)
  • Prowler Walk (90# + 90#)

Took us about 20 minutes to do this and it was all out in the hot sun. Got a nice sweat on.

Nothing too taxing today, but didn’t want to overdo anything after a long day out in the sun yesterday. Competition zaps you more than you realize too.

Back To It

Had an epic weekend attending the Central East Regionals in Columbus. I’ll have more to say in a few days. Went it at 5pm tonight and stayed after for some extra fun.


  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30 PVC OHS
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 50 Butt Kicks
  • 50 High Knees
  • 50 Mountain Climbers


Back Squats!

  • 5 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 135#
  • 3 @ 185#
  • 3 @ 225#
  • 3 @ 255#
  • 3 @ 275#
  • 3 @ 285#

Felt solid today, especially after sitting in stadium seating and standing on concrete all weekend, plus about 10 hours of driving.


10 Rounds

  • 2 Power Cleans (205#)
  • 1 Push Jerk (205#)
  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air Squats

I didn’t rush myself on the cleans and jerks because I didn’t want to fail and I wanted to be able to put a little effort into technique while doing them. Started out hot with only 1:17 for the first round. Too fast. Finished in 21:07.


Picked up a S-35E Rogue “E” Sled this weekend and put it to use today. Did some sled drags forward and backwards, starting with 135# loaded on and up to 180#. Then did some sled arm pulls.

It felt so good to workout after 3 rest days and eating all kinds of awesome food and desert and drinking plenty of beers.