Paying the Price

The final tally for yesterday was over 30,000 steps. Wow! I’m not sure if there is a muscle in my entire body that isn’t sore today.


  • 400m Row
  • 2 Sets of 10
    • Wall Squats
    • Leg Swings (10 front to back, 10 side to side, each leg
  • 2 Sets of 15
    • Hollow Rocks
    • Superman


5 Sets, 3-1-X-1 tempo, rest 2-3 minutes between sets
5-7 Deadlifts

My legs were shot from yesterday. I think I’ve figured out that deadlifts are causing the tweak in my right ass (or at least preventing it from healing) because I can really feel it after I do a set and stand back up and walk away from the bar. I warmed up with some reps of 135# and then used 185#, 205#, 225#, 225#, and 225# for my working sets. I usually love deadlifts, but not today.


3 Rounds

  • 20 KBS
  • 150m Row
  • Rest the amount of time it took to complete the round.

Another CrossFit WOD that looks easy on the whiteboard, but packs a punch. It was kind of goofy because you had to do the calculations to figure out rest time (as you are trying to rest and record your time on the board) and when to start your next set. I used a 53# KB and did my rounds in 1:21, 1:22, and 1:21. Consistency is the name of the game in a WOD like this. I wish I was consistently faster.

Only two more days until the first Open WOD is announced. I hope they start with something where I can do all of the exercises.

The Early Leader

Feeling pretty good this morning even though I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would like last night. The right ass continues to have that tweak and the soreness is spreading a bit. I hope it’s from the tennis ball work I’ve been doing on it.


  • 400m Row
  • 2 Sets
    • 10 GHD
    • 10 Hip Extension
    • 10 SDLHP
    • 1m Plank

I used a 53# KB for the SDLHP. It’s been at least a couple of weeks since we did any planks, so I was a little shaky.

4 Sets

  • 4-6 Shoulder Press, 2-0-X-1 tempo
  • 90s Rest
  • 20-30 Hollow Rocks
  • 90s Rest

For shoulder press I did 95# for 6 reps, 105# for 6 reps, 115# for 5 reps, and set a new PR with 125# for 2 reps. After the first set, Emily let me know my elbows should be out in front of the bar at the bottom, which would help me to push straight up instead of out in an arc. After concentrating on that in the 2nd set, the weight was easier than the first set. This was the first time I’ve done hollow rocks and let me tell you, they really do some work! I struggled to get to 20 each set and there was no way I was getting to 30.

5 Rounds

  • 10 DB Ground to OH
  • 200m Run

This is my kind of WOD! I used 30# DBs and finished with a time of 7:41 to get the early lead on the board. I’m sure someone will crush it in the night classes, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

It’s been a great week with some awesome stuff happening at work and in the gym. I also ordered a new set of golf irons last night, which is always fun. So I’m going to go hog wild to celebrate and order a pizza as soon as they open in 10 minutes. Nom nom nom!

My shoulders and upper back were a little…

My shoulders and upper back were a little tight this morning and my right ass cheek still has a twitch if I move in just the right position. Spent a lot of time yesterday taking care of my hands. They still sting like a bitch if touched in the right way. Today was test day at CrossFit Full Strength.

90s – 60s – 30s

  • DUs
  • Sit-ups

I think I’m getting worse at DUs, not better. I couldn’t even string a couple together. Doesn’t help that I had to hold the handles differently, but that’s no excuse.

Front Squat: 1RM Test

  1. 5 Reps at 50% of goal
  2. 3 Reps at 75%
  3. 1 Rep at 80%
  4. 1 Rep at 85-90%
  5. 1RM (do a 6th set if this was easy enough)

Whenever we get to tests like these, I still have no clue what to shoot for. Luckily I match up pretty well with one of the other guys, Greg, that comes to the same classes I do. We usually share a rack and do similar weights. The most I’ve done on the front squat was 145# four times, so I was thinking 180ish in the back of my mind. Started off with 95# for 5 reps, then jumped up to 145# for 3 reps and 175# for one rep. The 175# felt easy and I was already near to my clueless goal, so I kept going with the flow. We added 10s on each side to get up to 195# and it was still pretty easy. For the final set at 1RM we used 215#. It was a bit of a struggle in the middle, but I kept pushing and got the weight up. Booyah! I love this stuff.

Work Capacity Test
4 Sets

  • 30s Row
  • 30s Rest

I was able to stay consistent with each set, rowing 151m, 152m, 150m, and 145m for a total of 598m. The rowing was a little tough on the hands as I could feel it touching the bare skin. I stopped at the store for some athletic tape and cushion tape so I can wrap them up a bit for tomorrow.

I’ve been getting to bed earlier the last…

I’ve been getting to bed earlier the last few days and getting over 8 hours of sleep, which has been great. My shoulders were a little tired this morning and I could feel a bit of tightness in my quads from Sunday.


  • 400m Run
  • 5 World’s Greatest Stretch (each side)

Work up to a 3 rep max with 3 minutes of rest in between sets. Slow with a reset at the bottom (do not touch and go). Set a goal and base percentages off that for each set.

  1. 5 reps @ 50%
  2. 3 reps @ 75%
  3. 2 reps @ 80%
  4. 1 reps @ 90%
  5. 3 RM
  6. Optional 3 RM if the last set felt good

Decided with Gayle, the trainer, that 245# would be a good starting goal since I really had no idea how much I could do. So I used 125#, 185#, 205#, 225#, and 245#. Doing 245# was pretty easy so I bumped it up to 260# for the bonus round. It felt good. I probably could have done another 10 or 20 pounds, but I’ve never lifted that much weight doing anything, so I’m a happy camper.

3 rounds of 2 minute max effort on the rower with 3 minutes of rest between rounds.

Two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but after deadlifts, my legs were shot. I managed to row 575m, 535m, and 519m.