What’s a Rest Day?

Feeling ok today, but after 4 solid days in a row it’s a good idea to take a break from any high intensity. Went in at 6pm for Olympic lifting class.

5×2 Snatch Balance

Worked up in weight, but these didn’t feel very good. My shoulders were not feeling stable at all.

10×1 Snatch

Worked up, down, and back up in weight. Felt better than the snatch balance, but not all that great. I’m not sure what was going on, but I couldn’t even convince myself to drop under 145# today.

5×2 Snatch High Pull

These felt the best out of everything. I think I worked up to 185#.

Came home and while waiting for Kevin to come over, I jumped on the rower at a nice easy pace. In 21 minutes I went over 4,300 meters, which is about a 2:25/500m pace. Call it a recovery row I guess.

Instead of doing a typical 5 sets of X number of reps, I wanted to try something different today. So I strapped on the weight vest, which adds 20# to my frame, and did 5 sets of max reps for each pull-ups and ring dips. My weighted pull-ups kind of sucked and I only got 5-5-4-4-4. Although I usually start around 10# and work up, so maybe not all that bad. For the weighted ring dips I got 10-9-8-7-7.

First time using the new pull-up bar and it felt solid. After doing dips on the rings with weight, I think I’m going to have to do my ring suspension system over again because they are too far apart. I guess that will be a project for next year when I come back from Arizona.

Four 500s

More work on the engine.

4 Rounds

  • 500m Row
  • 2m Rest

Went out hot and couldn’t hold up that pace. Last 3 intervals were consistent though.


I found out there is a setting for an undefined rest period, which is what I should have used yesterday instead of a 0:00 rest period. That explains the lame logging it did last night.

Upgrading the Engine

Now that my strength has improved a lot since the summer, I need to get my cardio back and lose some weight. I’ve been eating everything imaginable, putting on 15-20 pounds and increasing my body fat 4 or 5% in the process. Happy with the added muscle, but not the fat. Starting yesterday I’m back trying to eat healthy.

Decided to get in a good cardio burn, with the aim being a 10 minute WOD.

10 Rounds

  • 150m Row
  • 5 Burpees

I didn’t strap my feet in on the rower, so probably lost a bit of power there, but I didn’t want to have to get in and out for each round. I finished in 10:05. It’s nice when things work out as planned. I could have paced myself better, but I wanted to go hard the entire time, knowing I would fade away each round. Need to get those lungs back and it’s not going to happen by taking it easy. I almost pulled the plug after round 5 because I was dying. I told myself you don’t improve by quitting.

I set the rower to do 150m intervals, but the splits are a little confusing because it counted the previous interval’s rest time (or in my case, transition + time to do 5 burpees) as part of each interval. This makes the 500m pace and strokes/minute completely useless to look at. Maybe I set it to do the intervals wrong, who knows.


Yes, it’s a cut and paste job, because the screen isn’t big enough to display all 10 intervals at once.

OLY and Solo Garage

My lower back is a bit sore from the RDLs yesterday so maybe since we were doing them fast I wasn’t doing them quite right. This is the first Tuesday in a long time where my legs aren’t killing me in some way from squat Monday.

Went to the OLY class at 6pm and worked on snatches for the entire hour by doing a full snatch and then a hang snatch. Hang snatches are so much harder, but really force you to be explosive. I worked up to 145# and couldn’t get the hang snatch, so dropped back down to 95 and worked back up again. Didn’t even attempt the hang snatch at 145# the second time around, but did bump up to 155# and tried a couple of full snatches. I’ve hit a 155# power snatch in competition, but never really tried to drop under one in the snatch. Missed both tries, but was pretty close on the second one. Not too disappointed though especially after doing an hour of snatches already.

I got home and did a WOD in the garage because I didn’t want to do a full hour-long class.

5 Rounds

  • 2m Work
    • 200m Row
    • 5 HSPU
    • MAX Hang Power Cleans (135#)
  • 2m Rest


That was a fun one. Kept up a fast pace on the rows with consistent times through every round. Got all of the handstand push-ups, but struggled with #5 in the fourth round because I stopped when my head hit the ground for some reason and then it was a little tough to get going. I got done with the HSPU right around 1 minute each time, so once I setup on the bar had 50 or 55 seconds for the cleans. The last few reps of each round were a real struggle.

I really like coming up with new combinations and structures for WODs. Keeps things interesting and fun.

Working on Upper Body Strength

My legs needed a day off today. Did 20 minutes on the rower at a nice pace and went 4,395m. At each of my 5 minute splits I went faster and faster. Felt good.

Then went over to Kevin’s tonight for some strength work.

Shoulder Press

  • 10 @ 65#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 135#
  • 5 @ 140#

Both of the last two sets were higher than the 130# I did a few weeks ago. The reps at 140# were kind of ugly with some upper back in there to help out.

Weighted Chin-ups

  • 3 @ 10#
  • 3 @ 15#
  • 3 @ 20#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 35#

These were so much easier than when I did 5×5 a couple of weeks ago and had to struggle for 15# on the last set. Quite a jump this time around.

Weighted Dips

  • 1 @ 25#
  • 1 @ 35#
  • 1 @ 45#
  • 1 @ 50#
  • 1 @ 60#
  • 1 @ 70#

Jumping up into support and then the negative portion of the dip are the hardest part. Pushing out of the bottom felt just fine and none were too difficult.

Weighted Push-ups

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 60#
  • 8 @ 70#

First set was easy, but not so easy after that. Also knocked out a set of 10 strict pull-ups, which is still my unbroken PR from this summer, so felt good to be able to do that many after so much work. Then did 4 strict chest to bar pull-ups on this fat bar thing where your hands are in close with the palms facing each other.