Two Extra

Was delaying going to the gym, but finally got my ass in gear to get there with enough time to get in the thrusters before the 6:30 class. My quads are still sore to the touch! I’ve never had DOMS linger this long before. My back is still not great, but I need to get back into the gym routine.


  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 5 Thrusters (45#)
  • 5 Thrusters (95#)

Thruster Attack – Week 1 Workout 2

10:00 EMOM

  • 5 Thrusters (135#)

It was only supposed to be 8 rounds, but I felt “good” so I did two more. Within minutes of finishing I was light-headed. Had enough time to recover while class warmed up and they were doing deadlifts. I jumped on the RH instead.

Reverse Hyper

  • 2x8x210#
  • 3x10x210#


  • 400m Run
  • 5 Rounds
    • 3 Curtis P (75#)
    • 7 Burpees
  • 400m Run

Definitely was going light today, which allowed me to go non-stop at a good pace. Finished in 8:38.


4 Sets

  • 3 Straight Partner Medicine Ball Passes (30#)
  • 3/3 Side Partner Medicine Ball Passes (30#)

Burpees to the Bar

In for the 10am class.


  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Tricep/Front Rack Stretching
  • Air Squats

Weightlifting: Power Cleans

  • 5x20kg
  • 4x50kg
  • 3x70kg
  • 2x90kg
  • 2x2x100kg
  • 1x105kg

Wasn’t going anything crazy with my back being aggravated for the last few days. Felt easy though. Did touch-n-go through 90 and singles at 100. No belt or lifting shoes.


Partner with Michelle

  • 100 Burpees
  • 30 C&J (155/105#)
  • 40 Deadlifts (155/105#)
  • 50 Back Squats (155/105#)

We did each did 5×10 burpees, 5×3 clean and jerks, 2×10 deadlifts, and 8-8-9 back squats. The burpees weren’t as bad as I was expecting. Did all my C&J sets touch-n-go and they felt good. We finished in 12:06. Fun workout! I did put my belt on for this after the burpees were done.


3 Rounds of MB Complex

  • 10 Chest Pass
  • 10 Pass w/ Sit-up
  • 10/10 Twist & Pass
  • 10 Pass Straight Up

Always a good burn, especially those twist and passes.

Closing in on a Power 200

My HRV recovered back up to 109 this morning and my resting heart rate was down 10 beats to 43. When the HRV was in the orange on Thursday morning, I should have probably held back a little in the workout that day. Active recovery to the rescue! I was up earlier than normal so chilled with my coffee before hitting the garage. Warmed up with 3 minutes on the Ski Erg (616 meters).

Coffee Squats

Pause Back Squats (5s in the hole)

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×155#
  • 3×175#
  • 3×195#
  • 3×215#
  • 3×235#
  • 3×255#

I only planned on hitting 235#, but it was feeling so good I had to go another set. I first put 245# on the bar, but bumped changed my mind before going and was glad I did. Felt good!

Then to CFi for the 10am class.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • PVC Pass-thrus
  • 5 Hang Muscle Snatch (45#)
  • 5 Snatch Press (45#)

Power Snatch

  • 3×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 3×135#
  • 2×155#
  • 1×165#
  • 1×175#
  • 1×185#
  • 1×195# (PR)

Knew I wanted to go for that PR today when I saw snatch work on the board. Felt solid.


14 Rounds (Partner)

  • 12 Burpees
  • 12 Air Squats
  • 12 Pull-ups

Killed it with Bryan by going 6-6-12-6-6 every round. We picked up the pace in the last 2 rounds to finish at 13:51. Great workout and was nice to be able to knock out quick air squats.


2x with a partner (20#)

  • 10 Chest MB Passes
  • 10 OH MB Passes
  • 10/10 Side MB Passes
  • 10 Up MB Passes

Before heading home I did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap for those shoulders.

Low Key Sunday

Yep, still sore. Hurts to much of any pressure on my quads. Did a round of the stretching in the morning, then to the gym for Super Sunday at noon.


  • 3 Rounds NFT
    • 15 Reverse Hypers (210#)
    • 250m Row
  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Holds


3 Rounds

  • 1:00 Walking Lunges
  • 30s Rest
  • 1:00 Burpee Broad Jumps
  • 30s Rest

Pretty easy day. Still didn’t want to do anything nuts while still recovering from 15.5. Lunges actually felt good to work the quads some. Did 149 total reps.


E2M 30:00

  • 10 Ring Push-ups
  • 10 V-ups

I did both movements back-to-back and was able to do all of the sets of both unbroken.


3 Rounds – Partner MB Pass Complex

  • 10 Chest MB Passes
  • 10 OH MB Passes
  • 10/10 Side MB Passes
  • 10 Up MB Passes

Knocked out Crossover Symmetry Plyometrics and did some extra stretching. I’ll do another round of the back stretches tonight.

More Than I Bargained For

Needed that rest day yesterday, but it’s so hard not to do anything. Got a massage in the afternoon. In early this morning before the 10am class to get in some extra work.


  • 2k Row – 7:55.5


E30S until fail

  • 2 MU

Made it through 14+1 and failed on muscle-up #30. I wanted that last one so bad. Smoked the total number of reps from doing 1 every 15 seconds. One big chunk of rest makes a big difference.


5 Rounds

  • 5 Seated Good Mornings (165#)
  • 10 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (20# MB)

Yuck. Took 7:11.

Had a little rest time before class got going.


3 Rounds

  • 3:00 slow (~2:25-2:30/500m)
  • 1:00 @ 90% (~1:45/500m)

Then another 2:00 slow to cool down, so 14:00 total. Went 3,115 meters.


Partner WOD

  • Buy-in: 50 Burpees
  • 4 Rounds
    • 12 C&J
    • 40 Wall Balls
  • Cash-out: 50 Burpees

Paired up with Dan. We alternated 5 burpees each, 3 C&J each, and 10 wall balls each through all of our sets. I used 155# for the C&J for a challenge, doing quick singles in the first 3 rounds, then I did 3 TnG and 2-1 in the 4th round. We finished in 15:44.


3 Rounds NFT

  • Partner MB Pass Complex
    • 8 Chest MB Passes
    • 8 OH MB Passes
    • 8/8 Side MB Passes
    • 8 Up MB Passes
  • 8 Back Extensions

I used a 20# medicine ball for the complex. We did 2 times through the complex, then switched over to the back extensions, where I used a 45# bar for my second and third set. Then we went back for our final round of the passes.

Bear Struggles

In for the 10am class.


Dynamic for 11 rounds of 15s I think. Combination of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plank, push-ups, and squat jumps.


Front squats were on the board, but I’m deloading squats this week, so did my own thing here. I was planning to stay after class and do these, so worked out even better.

E2M 16:00

  • 4 Muscle-ups

I missed the final rep on the 8th set! Then I missed a single 2 more times and called it quits before I tore up a shoulder. Was feeling good, so was kind of surprised I missed, but when I hit that point it’s just done. Most sets of 4s I’ve ever done though.


11:00 AMRAP of 1-2-3-4… Ladder

  • Bear Complex (115#)
  • Burpee

Paced myself right away. Not the kind of day where I want to kill myself going into Super Sunday. I dropped the bar after every bear complex and took a few breaths. Ended up completing the round of 7 and then 1 bear complex of the 8s. Glad I didn’t go with 135#. Using 95# would have been interesting.


3x with a partner

  • 6 Chest MB Passes
  • 6 OH MB Passes
  • 6/6 Side MB Passes
  • 6 Up MB Passes

Each person goes all the way through before switching out. Used a 20# ball. Those side passes were not bad at all compared to when we do 10 reps.

Going Overhead

Another Super Sunday! Only 45 days until the first Open workout is announced. Warmed up with a lot of stretching and mobility stuff.

5 Sets

  • 3 Strict HSPU

Didn’t use a deficit on the first set, but then went 1.5″, 2.5″, 3″, and 4″ or the other sets.

E2M 12:00

  • Thrusters (95#)
  • C2B Pull-ups

I did 12 thrusters and 10 chest-to-bar for the first two rounds and then adjusted to 10 and 8 the rest of the way because I wasn’t getting enough rest time. This was so much worse than I planning it to be. Would have been more of what I wanted by going every 3 minutes. That’s ok though; it was hard!

10:00 Rest

3 Cycles

  • 2 Rounds
    • 5 Push Jerks (115#)
    • 10 Deadlifts (115#)
    • 15 Box Jumps (24″)
  • 2:00 Rest

This comes from Open Workout 13.2. Changed from 5 cycles to 3 after the thrusters and pull-ups. Ended up being perfect and kept up the intensity. I need to get my box jumps back so I forced myself to jump everything instead of bitching out to step-ups when I got tired. Box jumps used to be one of my strengths and lately I haven’t been able to keep knocking them out in workouts. There were only a few reps during the second cycle that I didn’t rebound before kicking my ass to man up. The second round of deadlifts each cycle were a surprising burn on the hips. My round times were 1:45, 1:57, and 2:05. Happy I was able to do everything unbroken and not rest other than a few breaths between movements after the first cycle.

2x with a partner

  • 10 Chest MB Passes
  • 10 OH MB Passes
  • 10/10 Side MB Passes
  • 10 Up MB Passes

Each person goes all the way through before switching out. Used a 20# ball. Those side passes are always horrible.

A lot of shoulder work today. I only have some Air Dyne work planned for tomorrow so no worries.