Knees Up

Skipped pull-up day yesterday and didn’t work out at all. Was busy fixing things around the house and then played a lightning fast 18 holes with a cart. Maybe the best ball striking day I’ve ever had. In to the gym at noon today. Did some shoulder stretching and bottom squat hold to loosen up.


  • 10 Barbell Lunges (alternating legs – 5 each)
  • 2 Kneeling Box Jumps

I did 8 total sets. Used 45#, 95, and then 125 for 6 sets. My jumps were 0″, 3.5, 6.5, 9.75, 12.75, 14.25, 14.625, and 15.5. The last two were both PRs over my best single at 14.5.

Conditioning – Partner

6 Rounds each

  • 150/120m Row
  • 10 Hang Power Clean (135/95#)
  • Rest while Partner goes

I started. My pace averages were 1:34.0, 1:36.6, 1:37.0, 1:38.3, 1:38.6, and 1:37.3. Cleans were ass unbroken. Gavin was smoking me on the rower. We finished at 12:09.

Midline – 2 Rounds

  • 30 Leg Lifts
  • 60 Flutter Kicks
  • 30 Hollow Rocks
  • 60 Double Bicycles (pulse each rep)
  • 30 Side Jack Knifes

Burn baby burn!

From Your Knees

Felt a little tight when I woke up this morning. Went to the 9am class and I’m off work for the day to attend a wedding near Detroit.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 2 Sets
    • 5s of StrongFit Tricep & Bicep Openers (10#)
    • 15 Reverse Hypers (210#)
  • 3 Sets
    • Banded shoulder stretch
    • 15s OHS Hold (45#)
    • 5 Burpees
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (4″)
  • 6 RDLs (45#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (8″)
  • 6 RDLs (155#)

Went closer with my grip on each OHS hold.



  • 6-6-6-6-6-6 RDL (225#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1 Kneeling Box Jump (2 x 12″ & 1 x 13.75″)

Been far too long since we did some of this stuff. Was nervous with the jumps but made them all. Double overhand grip is a lot tougher with that extra 40# on the bar. Tried one set with a hook grip, which sucked.


E5M – 5 Rounds

  • 200m Run
  • 10 OHS (95#)
  • 20 GHD Sit-ups

Fast runs since there was plenty of time to recover. Was taking about 45 seconds each time to get into the gym and run across to where my bar was. Snatched into the first rep each round. First few rounds were done in about 2:15, but was closer to 2:40 in the final round because the GHDs got slow. I came up with this last night and it worked pretty well. Nice to do some faster runs.


3 Sets

  • 12/12 Kroc Rows (53#)

Not enough time in class, but Ashley was staying after to do these, so I did too. Otherwise I probably would have skipped out on them even though I really need them.

Plans Change

My hips were feeling pretty rough all night in bed. So I decided to switch up my plan for the week and get on the Air Dyne for 40 minutes before doing anything else. Went 19.4km. Felt pretty good through the day after that.

Back to the garage later in the day…


1,500m on the Ski Erg in 6:54.4.


  • 10 Front Squats (45#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps
  • 5 Front Squats (95#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (1.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (135#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (5.25″)
  • 5 Front Squats (175#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (205#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (12.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (225#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (245#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (13.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (255#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (265#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (13.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (275# – PR)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)

Front squats felt heavy. Looked back at my logs in between sets and found out I’d done 265# for 5 before, so set my goal at 275#. I guess it felt heavy because it was! Was really getting out of breath in those last few sets. The 10# PR was a good stopping point. Not the greatest doing the kneeling jumps in lifting shoes, but it worked out. Definitely had to take the belt off after missing one at 11.5″ trying to keep it on. I did miss my 13.75″ the last time, but went again and made it with more focus.


  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns (blue, 7’3″ bar, 5.5″ seat)
  • 20 Back Extensions (20# vest)
  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns
  • 20 Back Extensions
  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns
  • 20 Back Extensions

Bumped up to 15 reps from the 10 the other day. Fast-fast-fast was the focus and getting into that deep ring dip position. My upper back cramped up after the first set of back extensions. I thought it might have been something with the vest so I did the next set without it. Nope, happened again, so I didn’t do a third set. May have been a result of the front squats.

A Late Super Sunday

Super Sunday at 4pm today since I was coming back from up north. Switched things up a bit…

Warmed up with some snatch work at 45# and 95#. Hit some at 115# too.


  • 5 Snatches
  • Increase weight and continue with 5 reps at each weight.

I went 115-135-145-155-165-175. Did 115# as touch-n-go reps. Had one miss at 165# Had about exactly 1:00 left on the clock after loading up 175# and finished them with a second to spare. That was really fun.


  • 5-5-5-5-5-5 Good Mornings
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1 Kneeling Jumps

I didn’t want to push it with the good mornings, but need to be doing them to strengthen my lower back. Went 155-155-155-155-175-185. For the kneeling jumps I used 10.25″ for the doubles and 13.5″ for the singles.

Thruster Attack


  • 3 Rounds (Tabata)
    • 20s Thrusters (75#)
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest

Kept up the 8s each round, but was only able to power through 9 on the final round today. Rough!


10 Rounds (Reverse Tabata)

  • 10s C2B Pull-ups
  • 20s Rest

I got 6 reps for the first 3 rounds, but started dying and got 4 reps the rest of the way.

Reverse Hyper

  • 3x15x210#

Alex had a bar out with the reds still on it, so I jumped on it to drill my cleans a little.


  • 5x2x70kg

Sunday Mass

In for an early Sunday at 9am because we’re heading to the Adventure Park to climb the trees again. I started off with Crossover Symmetry Activation and some stretching.


  • 10×45# Shoulder Press
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps
  • 5×95# Jerk
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (4″)
  • 2×125# Jerk
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (7″)
  • 2×155# Jerk
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (10.25″)
  • 2×185# Jerk


  • 2-2-2-2-2 Jerks (205#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2 Kneeling Jumps
    • 2s: 10.25″
    • 1s: 13.25″

Felt pretty good on most of the jerks.


  • 5×45# Good Morning
  • 5×95# Good Morning
  • 5×135# Good Morning
  • 5×165# Good Morning
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 5×175# Good Morning
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 5×185# Good Morning
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 5×185# Good Morning
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 5×195# Good Morning
  • 15 Push-ups

Focused on explosive drive back up out of the bottom in the good mornings to work the hamstrings more. I can feel a big difference when I engage my glutes and hamstrings to initiate the movement. All push-ups were unbroken sets.


EMOM 10:00

  • 7 C2B Pull-ups

Did pretty good with the butterfly considering I’d never done more than 4 chest to bar in a row with it. Got several rounds unbroken without losing my kip. Have started to develop a bruise and broken blood vessels under my right pec where I contact the bar. I think maybe I should work on hitting higher, which should be less work. I feel like I’d smash my face though.

Thruster Attack

3 Rounds

  • 5:00 Tabata
    • 20s Thrusters (35#)
    • 10s Rest
  • 2:30 Rest

Damn that was tough this week!

Knees to Feet

Slept in until after 8 this morning, which never happens. Needless to say I didn’t go to the 9am class. Headed out to the garage around 10:30 and knocked out Crossover Symmetry Activation. Then I started getting warmed up for the XWOD.


  • 5×45# Shoulder Press
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps
  • 5×95# Shoulder Press
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (5.5″)
  • 4×115# Shoulder Press
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (10.5″)
  • 4×125# Shoulder Press
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (12.5″)


  • 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4 Shoulder Press (135#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 Kneeling Jumps
    • 2s: 10″
    • 1s: 12.5″

Bumped up the height a bit from where I’d been doing these previously. Wanted to go higher, but couldn’t get myself to attempt it at 14″. Here’s a slomo of my last jump of the day. I have a feeling the final day of shoulder press for week 2 is going to be rough tomorrow.

EMOM 10:00

  • 3 Power Clean & Push Jerk 185#

Man, do I need this type of work. Keep on pushing 1 rep at a time. After getting a few rounds in, it was taking me about 30 seconds to complete the reps as singles.

Walked 0.42 miles right after and then did Crossover Symmetry Recovery.

Afternoon session at CFi with Kevin before classes started. I worked on some triple unders doing one at a time while I was waiting.


5 Rounds

  • 600m @ moderate pace (2:02-2:05)
  • 1:00 Rest
  • 100m @ 100%
  • 100m Easy
  • 100m @ 100%

Not too bad. My ass was really feeling fatigue (not from the seat) in the last round. Took me 22:40 (17:40 not counting the 5 rest periods). Walked about 400m after and then did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap before I left.


Was definitely fatigued yesterday after all of the training on the weekend. Walked 18 holes on the golf course though. In to CFi early this morning to max out the shoulder press. Started off with Crossover Symmetry Activation.

Shoulder Press

  • 8×75#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 1×135#
  • 1×150#
  • 1×165#
  • Fail 172.5#
  • Fail 170#

Damn! Matched my PR from last May and it felt pretty good. I was expecting more after the Smolov Jr. cycle, but I guess I have to remember that I went 3-4 months without working my shoulders. Maybe after vacation I’ll do another cycle.


  • 15 Russian KBS (44# KB)
  • 5 Burpees
  • 10x CS ATYT
  • 4×135# Pendlay Rows
  • Kneeling Jump to 45# plate
  • 4×165# Pendlay Rows
  • Kneeling Jump to 2×45# plates


  • 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4 Pendlay Rows (185#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 Kneeling Jumps
    • 2s: 2×45# plates
    • 1s: 2×45# + 35# plates

Shoulders and upper back are getting stronger. I used to struggle with this weight. Need to step it up more the next time I do the kneeling jumps.


5 Rounds

  • 8 Deadlifts (225#)
  • 8 Burpees
  • 8 Pull-ups

Everything unbroken to finish in 6:44. Pull-ups are improving a lot with the shoulder work and focus on body positioning. Need to get up the speed of the burpees when fatigued though.

When I got home I took a bit and then back out in the garage for some quick work.


  • Double Unders
  • Sit-ups

Anchored my feet under 50# DBs and tried to set my area so I wouldn’t be sliding back so much on the sit-ups, but that still happened. I finally got through this bitch without missing a DU and it made a big difference, giving me a 27 second PR with 6:28. If I’m going to get better I have to figure out how to do sit-ups without sliding backwards. By the time I get around 15 reps I have to move the AbMat back up and probably waste a second each time I do that. Really happy about this PR!

Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap.

Later in the day I felt like getting in some intervals. Warmed up with 500m on the skierg in 2:34.

10 Rounds

  • 30s @ 90%
  • 30s @ 75%

* % based on 500m PR pace (90% is 2:03 and 70% is 2:38 for me)

My pacing was consistent through each half. Went 1,098m in the first 5:00 and 1,100m in the last 5:00 with an average pace around 2:16/500m. I was actually kind of hard to go as slow as a 2:38 unless I was doing just about nothing, so I was usually more in the low 2:30 range on the low intensity intervals.