Early 6th

Yesterday I had PT in the morning, did a 20 walk in the afternoon for 1.33 miles, and did some of the other PT exercises in the evening. At lunch today I did some all of the banded row, press, wood chop, and butter churner PT exercises. Went to the gym at 3.


  • Monster Walks (Hip Circle)
  • Steamboats
  • 20 PVC Passes


10 Rounds

  • 12 cal Echo Bike
  • 6 Reverse Lunge DB Thrusters (25#)
  • 4 Box Jumps (30″)
  • 2 MU
  • 1:30 Rest

I got faster on the bike. The weight was light for the lunging thrusters, but I didn’t want to push it since I haven’t been doing anything with weights. I went right from the box and jumped up on the rings each round. My times were 1:25, 1:28, 1:25, 1:21, 1:18, 1:27, 1:23, 1:22, 1:23, and 1:16. Whoops, I went 30 seconds early in the 6th round, which is why the time dropped back down. I felt good though!


  • 4 Sets
    • 15s Bent knee L-hang (bar)
    • 5 Leg Raises
    • 5 Knee Raises
    • ~1:00 Rest
  • 4 Sets
    • 15s Bent knee L-sit (rings)
    • 5 Leg Raises
    • 5 Knee Raises
    • ~1:00 Rest

I’m not used to bar time, so hanging that long was killing me. Going to the rings for the Ls helped. Then I jumped up on the bar for the raises.

Tonight I’ll do another round of steamboats and the core stability work below.

McGill Big 3

  • 8-6-4 Curl-up
  • 8-6-4 Side Plank
  • 8-6-4 Bird Dog

Took a couple of days off from these. Time to increase the reps again. After this week I may switch to only doing them three times a week.

Hungover WOD

Last night about 20 people from the gym went out to Bennigan’s where Kevin from the gym was playing with his band. Stayed out way too late so didn’t make it to the 9am class this morning like I planned. I did get in a garage WOD though.


Tabata Mash-up

  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees


3 Rounds

  • 20 Lunges (50# DBs)
  • 10 Burpee Deadlifts (50# DBs)
  • 20 Kroc Rows (50# DB, 10 each arm)

The plan was to do 20 burpee deadlifts each round, but after the first 3 I knew that wasn’t going to happen after the lunges so I knocked it down to 10. Around 90 degrees today and this one was brutal. Finished in 11:34.


5 Rounds

  • 10 Ring Rows
  • 10 Leg Raises

This was for quality, not for time. The leg raises were done on my pull-up/dip stand thing where you hold yourself up by your forearms being on pads and holding some handles. Nice way to finish off.

Now I’m off to Columbus, OH for the Level 1 Certification at Rogue Headquaters. I’m so excited there are not words to express it.

Chase’s Birthday WOD

Sometimes we’ll do a birthday WOD on or near someone’s birthday. Usually it has something to do with their name and their age. Last Thursday was Chase’s birthday, but he was out-of-town, so we “celebrated” today. For the 5:30 class it was 92 degrees with 40% humidity. I think the weather contributed to a smaller class size than usual especially since it looked like the 4:15 class only had a handful of folks as well. We had 6 people show up and only one was female, which is very rare for Survival Fitness. I bet membership is 2-1 in favor of the women, but I’m not complaining about that ratio. 🙂

Yesterday I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to try on some Nike Free running shoes if they had any is a size 14. Luckily they had just the pair I was looking for. I tried on the 4.0 v2 and absolutely loved them. They are so light, minimal, and comfortable, without being too close to a true barefoot style running shoe. I didn’t buy them right away because I wanted to check around online for color options and better pricing. I couldn’t find anything I liked better than the black/gray or a better price, so I went back today and bought them. I’m looking forward to going out for a recovery run on my next rest day.


  • Tabata Box Jumps (24″)
  • Tabata Deadlifts (85#)
  • Tabata Wall Ball Sit-ups (20# MB)

Instead of a Tabata mash-up we did all 8 rounds at a station before moving on. The deadlifts were light, but for a warm-up I could actually feel them by the end. Wall ball sit-ups were something new and really worked the abs. I’m a fan of those!


27:00 AMRAP

  • Chest-to-deck Push-ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Aabove the head plate lunges (10#)
  • SDLHP (75#)
  • End each round with a 150m run

Do 27 reps of each, except the run. I completed 3 full rounds, 27 push-ups, 27 leg raises, 27 lunges, and 27 SDLHP for a 3+108 score. There were about 20 seconds left on the clock and I knew I couldn’t finish the run in that time so I didn’t even make the attempt. I sort of defeated myself with the SDLHP and I’m disappointed. I should have pushed through them harder to give myself enough time to finish the run. I beat myself before I even started the first rep. Ugh!