Mostly Healthy for the Open

I’m still surprised at how good 18.1 felt yesterday, considering I haven’t been doing many metcons. Twenty minute workouts are not in my wheelhouse, but I was able to fall into a pace and keep at it. The triplet stacked up pretty well for me, so it’ll be interesting to see how the next 4 weeks go. Maybe not being overtrained and/or injured going into the Open is a good thing. Who would have thought?

Last night I started to feel some fatigue in my right shoulder, which is the one where I typically feel a bit of impingement when I overdue something. This morning both shoulders are sore as are my abs.

Active Life – Hips


  • 15/15 Lateral Leg Swings
  • 20 Groiners
  • 1:00/1:00 Samson Stretch


  • Romanian Deadlifts
    • 10×45#
    • 10×95
    • 10×135
    • 2x10x185
  • 35 Sumo Deadlifts (185#)

I did the 35 in 2 sets of 20-15.

Active Life – Back Max

4 Rounds

  • 30s Front Rack Hold (185#)
  • 30m/30m One Arm Farmer Carry (70#)

Decided to skip conditioning after yesterday’s workout, but did this back work without rest. I go 5m across the garage at a time for the Farmer Carry. Took me 6:48.

The Early Leader

Feeling pretty good this morning even though I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would like last night. The right ass continues to have that tweak and the soreness is spreading a bit. I hope it’s from the tennis ball work I’ve been doing on it.


  • 400m Row
  • 2 Sets
    • 10 GHD
    • 10 Hip Extension
    • 10 SDLHP
    • 1m Plank

I used a 53# KB for the SDLHP. It’s been at least a couple of weeks since we did any planks, so I was a little shaky.

4 Sets

  • 4-6 Shoulder Press, 2-0-X-1 tempo
  • 90s Rest
  • 20-30 Hollow Rocks
  • 90s Rest

For shoulder press I did 95# for 6 reps, 105# for 6 reps, 115# for 5 reps, and set a new PR with 125# for 2 reps. After the first set, Emily let me know my elbows should be out in front of the bar at the bottom, which would help me to push straight up instead of out in an arc. After concentrating on that in the 2nd set, the weight was easier than the first set. This was the first time I’ve done hollow rocks and let me tell you, they really do some work! I struggled to get to 20 each set and there was no way I was getting to 30.

5 Rounds

  • 10 DB Ground to OH
  • 200m Run

This is my kind of WOD! I used 30# DBs and finished with a time of 7:41 to get the early lead on the board. I’m sure someone will crush it in the night classes, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

It’s been a great week with some awesome stuff happening at work and in the gym. I also ordered a new set of golf irons last night, which is always fun. So I’m going to go hog wild to celebrate and order a pizza as soon as they open in 10 minutes. Nom nom nom!