Lunging Wall Balls

I took a 90 minute nap yesterday and slept over 8 hours last night. Woke up with 98% recovery on WHOOP! I did a session of my PT exercises in the morning. Decided not to eat before going to open gym at 10.


10:00 Echo Bike

Did 120 calories and 3.73 miles.

3 Sets

  • 100/100’ Bottoms Up KB Carry (26#)

I didn’t rest since I was switching arms every down and back.


2 Rounds

  • 3:00 Bear Hug Banded March (20#)
  • 3:00 Rest

Today I concentrated on raising my knee high as well as lifting my heel towards me ass at the same time. Got 166 and 174 reps and felt like I was able to keep a consistent pace.

10:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 30s Rower Curls
  • 12 DB Curls (20#)

Damper was set at 10 but maybe should be a lot lower. Glad I decided to go lower than normal with the dumbbbells.

4 Sets

  • 10 Prone DB Fly (25#)
  • 10 Banded Lat Pull Downs (2x double green)

Set mine up on the triangle bar so it was out away from the rig and used a 35# barbell instead of a PVC, which seemed safer and helped stretch the band some. I sat on a blue plate on the white bench.


10:00 AMRAP

  • 20 Barbell Push-ups
  • 30 Reverse Lunge Wall Balls (14#, 10’)

I originally had programmed 15 air squats, 20 dumbbell walking lunges, and 25 push-ups. Last night I made the call that I’m not ready for a lot of air squats yet. Then today at the gym I got the idea to try out the reverse lunge wall balls. Took a round or so to get the hang of the movement, but I really liked it. Using a light medicine ball probable helped. 😉 I did 4×5 on every round of push-ups and 20-10 on the lunge wall balls. Got through 4+20. Felt good to do a metcon where I didn’t have a “cake walk” (essentially rest) movement and was able to get my heart rate up.


3 Sets

  • 10 Kip Swings

Just small kips, but I wanted to see how it felt. No issue.


McGill Big 3

  • 6-4-2 Curl-up (10s hold)
  • 6-4-2 Side Planks (10s hold)
  • 6-4-2 Bird Dogs (10s hold)

I’m becoming a master at these! Was a solid two hours at the gym.

I’ll do another round of the PT exercises at some point.

Strict Intensity

Yesterday I was hungover and took a couple of naps. Had to shovel the heavy wet snow, which actually accounted for my second highest WHOOP strain score of the week. Glad it was a rest day, because I would not have been able to fitness. After a solid night of sleep, I woke up with a 96% recovery score! Got to the gym early today for open gym again.


  • 150 cal Echo Bike

Took about 14:25.


3 Sets

  • 10 Prone Fly (20# DBs)
  • 10/10 Tricep Kickback (35#)


  • 15:00 Handstand Walk

Tried to focus on pushing through my shoulders, hands out, and bent knees today. Feeling more and more comfortable each time I practice. Got out to 21-22 feet on my longest one. Here’s my final attempt.



15:00 AMRAP

  • 3 Strict HSPU
  • 3 Strict C2B Pull-ups
  • 12 Walking Lunges (25# DBs at sides)

I like programming low rep strict movements in a workout like this, where it’s a challenge but I’m able to keep moving without rest. After getting round one done in about 40 seconds I was worried it was too fast. Then after not slowing much through about five rounds I set a goal to stay under a 1:00/round page. Even though I started dropping from the top of the C2B and quickly grabbing on for the next rep, I was able to make up time by speeding through step through lunges. Was able to do all of the HSPU unbroken without a problem. Finished with 15+5.


  • 3x 20 Dead Bug
  • 3x 10 Curl-up (3s pause)
  • 3x 10 Bird Dog + 10 second hold (each side)

No WOD, No Way

I can really feel those Pendlay rows in my upper back and my hamstrings are a tiny bit sore. Excited not to see any metcon posted today. Well, at least until we got going and realize how hard the work was.

Bench Press

The program had 3×3 @ 85% and then 4 sets of 6-12 reps, picking a weight which will get you to failure.

  • 10×45#
  • 6×95
  • 6×135
  • 3×185
  • 3×215
  • 3x3x235
  • 12×205
  • 10×205
  • 10×205
  • 9×205

Talk about an epic bench session! The working heavy sets didn’t feel easy. Based on a max rep set from a bench program over a year ago I picked 205. Amazingly all 3 of us picked a perfect weight, hitting failure at 12 reps in the first set. I didn’t expect to get so many in the next 3 sets but it started to feel “easier.” Going to be sore for a couple of days.

DB Fly

3 x 10-15

  • 3×15 (30# DBs)

My arms didn’t want to move after the bench press and it was rough just holding the dumbbells up.

Strict Ring Dip


I was able to get 3 sets of 12 and then hit the wall, only getting 8. Didn’t expect to make one full set though, so I’ll gladly take it.

Back Squat

Add 0-5-10 pounds over 75% depending on feel and do 3×5.

  • 2x5x135#
  • 5×205
  • 5×245
  • 5×275
  • 3x5x295

Didn’t feel as fast as yesterday, but wasn’t in danger of missing anything.

Was expecting an easier session since they was no conditioning work, but it still took us about 90 minutes, rotating 3 guys through.

I got the new Nano 7 today and they are really nice. Wore them for the squats and they felt great.


Feeling a bit beat up today and originally planned a rest day, but switching it up to try to get on a schedule with Bryan.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 6×95
  • 6×135
  • 3×185
  • 3×205
  • 3×225
  • 3x3x235

Working sets at 85%. Wasn’t sure how it would go. Definitely felt awkward with so much weight on the bar after not having done much benching in a long time. Spotters said it looked easy though.

Dumbbell Bench Press

15 reps with 40# DBs. Yep, only one set. That’s the heaviest we have at the gym.

Dumbbell Fly

  • 15 – 20# DBs
  • 2×15 – 30# DBs

Strict Ring Dips

3×12 – all unbroken!

Skull Crushers

  • 12 – 20# DBs
  • 12 – 30# DBs

Was not pretty with the 30s. Felt like we should have had a wall of mirrors at the gym for this session!



  • Push Press (95#)
  • T2B

Have I not done enough push presses and gymnastics since Saturday? Unbroken on the first 3 sets and was hoping I’d be able to do the 20 but no way; went 12-8. Went 5 and 10 unbroken with toes to bar, then 6-5-4, and 6-5 before I hit my wall and had to finish with singles. Finished in 5:01.