Call Me Julie

I don’t think the leg burning workout from Tuesday night had hit me yet, so I went in for the 9am figuring I could then go in at night on Thursday and enjoy the longer rest.


  • 500m Row
  • 2 Rounds
    • 20/20 Band walks
    • 15 Band Presses
    • 10/10 Hitchhikers
    • 10/10 T-stabilizations


5×5 Push Presses with 2-1-X-2 Tempo

The tempo work on for pressing doesn’t seem quite as taxing as it does for squats. I did a set with the bar to get the feel for it, then went 95#, 115#, 135#, 150#, and 165#. Couldn’t have gone any higher. Got really unstable at the top in the last two reps, but got it done.


7 Rounds

  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 K2E
  • 21 DU (unbroken)

I knew the limiter would be the HSPU, but didn’t think they would get as hard as they did. I guess I didn’t realize how little rest there really was between sets. I was solid for the first 3 rounds going unbroken and right around 1 minute per round. Even the 4th and 5th rounds weren’t too bad, but 6 and 7 were brutal for HSPU. And then I get all the way to my last rep and I failed half way up. Felt a little like Julie Foucher trying to do her deficit HSPU last year at the Games. All of my K2E were unbroken and I didn’t miss a single DU. Finished in 10:48.

Home WOD

Needed to do something at night sitting at home. I’ve been meaning to do a little burpee testing to see where I’m at, so game on.

  • 50 Burpees (Touch 6″ target above reach)

I can touch the ceiling with my fingertips standing up, so I slapped the ceiling with both hands making it 6-8 inches. Might have started out a little too fast because the last 20 reps were brutal. Took me 2:39 to finish, which nearly beats my normal PR for 50 burpees in 2:33. Jumping up to the target is a lot tougher and I could really feel the burn in my quads right around 25-30 reps. Yesterday’s big leg workout is probably starting to hit me as well.

In last years Open WOD 12.1 I did 92 of these in 7 minutes. I’d say I’ve improved some since then. I’m kind of curious to know if by starting out slower I would have been able to keep a steadier pace and get done quicker. Might have to play around with pacing once or twice in the next couple of weeks before the Open. I’ll bet they are going to have a burpee WOD again since it was a pretty good way to kick of the Games season in 2012.

Back in Phoenix

It was nice having a few days off while I drive out here to Phoenix. Yesterday I went for a hike and wore the 20# vest, which maybe wasn’t a great idea for my first hike of the year. I felt like I was going to keel over in the first 5 minutes, but only slowed down on the ascent to take drinks of water. Including the “hike” to and from the car, it ended up being 2.69 miles in 1:06:47, with over 1,000 feet of vertical climb. I also walked 18 holes of golf in the afternoon, so it was a great day!

This morning I got up and went in for the 9am class at CrossFit Full Strength. It was good to be back!


  • 400m Run
  • 3 Rounds
    • 20 Band Walks (each direction)
    • 10 Band Presses
    • 20 Alternating Prone Hitchhikers


10 Rounds

  • 10 Back Squats (135#)
  • 10 KBS (53#)
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 GHD Sit-ups

The Rx weights were body weight for the squats and 70# for the swings, but Emily said nobody in the earlier classes was anywhere near Rx. The weight for the back squats was pretty perfect because I had to start taking a rest after 5 or 6 reps in the later sets. Wouldn’t have wanted to go any heavier for the KBS either since I’m not used to American swings with us always doing Russian swings back in Saginaw. My GHD Sit-ups were slow! Finished in 21:19.

PRs Everywhere!

Even though I said I was only going to get on the scale once a week, I couldn’t help myself. I’m down another pound and a half to 173.5 and body fat is now at 15.1%, which is a 0.8% drop from Monday. My goal for the challenge is to hit 14%, which means I need to average less than 0.5% per week the rest of the way. Seems doable, but it gets tougher as your body fat gets lower. I’ve had some real cravings for sweets at night this week, so it’s a good thing I don’t have any in the house.

At the gym I did a quick test with the handheld device and it showed my body fat down to 10.8%, which is good news because I was skeptical of the initial 12.3% reading it gave on day one of the Paleo challenge and is what will be used for my scoring.

I took a well-needed rest day yesterday, but did get out and walk 18 holes of golf. On Thursday morning, while laying in bed, I came up with my workout for open gym time today. Here’s a screenshot of the note I made on my iPhone. As you can see, I made a few changes


2 rounds

  • 150m Run
  • 20 Band Walk Steps each direction
  • 10 Band Presses after each 20 steps
  • 10 KBS

I used a 53# KB and did American swings.


  • 3-2-1-3-2-1 Deadlifts
  • MAX Strict Pull-ups
  • 2m Rest

I did 2 warm-up sets of 5 reps each with 135# and 223#. For my working sets I did 285#, 305#, 315#, 305#, 320#, 335#. My previous 1RM was 315, so I broke that several times. I also set a new PR for strict pull-ups in a row with 9. I don’t remember what I got the rest of my sets.



  • 150 Wall Balls

Karen is a bitch. I did it in 8:51, which is a 9 second PR, beating when I did it as part of Open Workout 12.4. I’m disappointed with that though. I started out with 25 reps in less than a minute and was at 50 in 2 minutes and change. From there I tried to do sets of 10. As I got past 100 it was less than sets of 10. Too much resting. I just need to push through the hurt.

Ab Finisher

4 Sets

  • MAX L-hang or L-sit
  • 1-2m Rest

I started out on the bar for the first one, but my hands were not feeling the greatest from heavy deadlifts, so hanging on the bar wasn’t the greatest idea. I didn’t time these, but they were better than I’ve done them in the past.

Just Because

3 Sets

  • 2-3m Rest

The few people who came in for open gym were messing around and talking, so since the classes worked on some HSPUs today I figured I’d get in a bit. Got 10 (PR) on the first set and then 8 and 6 I think. These have come a long way since I left Phoenix. I don’t think I was even doing any Rx there. Dropping some weight helps too!

That was fun. Got to work on a bunch of stuff today.

Making the Most of Machines

This morning I headed over to the fitness center in Seaside, FL, which we get access to. Pretty nice facility with a lot of nice machines, an assortment of DBs, and some other equipment.


  • .58 mile run
  • 3 rounds
    • 15 Hip Extensions
    • 15 Sit-ups
    • 30s Plank
    • 10 One-arm KBS (each arm) using a 30# DB
    • 20 Band Walk Steps L
    • 10 Band Presses
    • 20 Band Walk Steps R
    • 10 Band Presses


4 sets

  • 10 seated row (100#, 115#, 130#, 160#)
  • 10 rotary chest (100#, 130#, 160#, 175#)


3 rounds

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 10 Squat Clean and Press using 40# DBs

My total time was 10:55. The squat cleans and presses were really draining on me.


0.34 mile run