Playground as a Box

Drive over to Hinks School a little before 8am to beat the heat.


For a warmup I did a 400m run, band pass-thrus, Band pull aparts, and band walks with a red band.

Then I was going to do a bunch of muscle-ups and try stringing 2 together. But on my first try at a double a had an awkward fall out forward and got scared to commit after that. Only managed to do 3 total MU. Just not my day for them.

10:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 5 Fat bar chin-ups (strict)
  • Evens: 10 Bar dips (feet on ground)


5 rounds

  • Bear crawl 100 feet
  • Standing broad-jump, 100 feet.
    Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps.

Did this in a field next to the school and measured out 100 feet with a tape measure. Was starting to heat up so hurried to get it over with. Finished in 9:23, besting the 10:16 from a year ago. Big difference being able to go 100 feet straight Instead of looping back and forth on 25 feet. I only had to do 6 burpees each round.

This was the first WOD where I felt normal since the Tough Mudder.

Around 3pm I jumped on the Air Dyne for some intervals. Warmed up with 5:00 easy first. This is another form of MAP.

10 Rounds

  • 30s @ 90-95%
  • 30s @ 50%

At high intensity I was going 90+ rpm and 45-50 at low intensity. Racked up 286 calories and 3.5 miles.

After golfing 9 holes with Dad (we ride due to heat), I went out for a sled drag after 8pm. Only loaded 125# because the 10# bumpers were on the bar and I didn’t feel like messing with it. Went 0.58 miles in 17:03 with only a short water break at the turnaround point. Was much easier than a couple days ago.

Vacation Monday

Does a vacation officially start before this first week day? I never work weekends anyway. Legs are feeling a little sluggish from yesterday. Went to bed at 10 because I was exhausted from all of the sun and 3 training sessions. Still have night sweats though.

Jumped on the AD2 just after 7am.

  • 5:00 warmup
  • Reverse Tabata (8 rounds)
    • 10s Sprint
    • 20s Rest
  • 5:00 cool down

My best calories for a regular Tabata was 77 and I got 107 here, which is another one in the books confirming the AD6 is much harder to rack up calories on. Nice workout for being so quick. I really like switching up interval periods. Hopefully it pays off.

Around noon I setup for the big training session of the day.



  • 50m Run
  • 50m Run backwards


  • 20 Good Mornings (green)
  • 20/20 band walk (red)
  • 10 press band (red)
  • 10 band pull aparts (red)


Shoulder Press

  • 5 @ 75#
  • 5 @ 85#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105
  • 5 @ 135
  • ME @ 145 (3)


A little max aerobic power (MAP) training in the hot sun. Object is to go at 80%. Three minutes of rest between each AMRAP.

3:00 AMRAP

  • 135# Bear


3:00 AMRAP

  • 10 Front Rack walking lunges 135#
  • 8 OTB burpees

2 full rounds

3:00 AMRAP

  • 10 HR push-ups
  • 15 Russian KBS 53#

3 full rounds

3:00 AMRAP

  • 6 OHS 95#
  • 12 sit-ups


3:00 AMRAP

  • 5 thruster 95#
  • 10 sumo deadlift high pull 53#


Much harder than expected!

Air Dyne for Breakfast and Sled for Dinner

Sleeping better each night because the night sweats are slowly disappearing.

Started the morning with “Air Dyne Hell” at about 8:20.

  • 5:00 warmup
  • 10 Rounds
    • 15s @ 100%
    • 1:45 Rest
  • 5:00 cool down

Did 419 cal and went 4.45 miles. The AD2 seems much easier or has a different way of counting calories because I did about 230cal by myself in the interval portion and Kevin and I combined only got in the 280s on the AD6.

Worked on some snatching before lunch.
30:00 E3M

  • High hang snatch
  • Hang snatch
  • High hang snatch
  • Hang snatch

Had 95# loaded on the bar and used lifting straps to stay connected. I’ve always had a lot of trouble meeting my hips from the hang, but I hit every single rep today! Here’s a video of the last set.

Before dinner it was time for more sweating.

10 Rounds NFT

  • 10 Deadlifts (185#)
  • 50m Sprint
  • 50m Walk back

After every two rounds I took an extra little break to drink some water. Solid little WOD.

A few minutes after I went out for a sled drag. Loaded it up with standard 135#, going 0.68 miles in 19:03. I paused RunKeeper at the turnaround point but didn’t pause during the two breaks on the way back. Not going to lie…that was rough! Didn’t help that I was actually going a little uphill on the way back.

Take It Easy

Doctor thinks I have bronchitis, maybe with a touch of pneumonia. The chest x-ray at the ER last week was clear for pneumonia, but he said I could still have it or have developed it since then. I got a shot of penicillin in my ass, an antibiotic (which will help bronchitis and pneumonia), cough syrup, and a cream for the rash on my leg. Hopefully this all clears up before I go on vacation Saturday.

Decided I better take it easy until the night sweats go away, because they are a sign by body is trying to fight something off. Also don’t want to spread my germs all around the box at SF.

Jumped on the Air Dyne in the garage tonight though and went for 20 minutes at a steady pace. 467 calories and 10.81km, averaging just under a pace of 70 rpm. Felt good!

Dive Back In

I started to feel so much better last night after going to hang out for the fireworks in Bay City. Feeling pretty decent today too, so went in to workout with Kevin and Ellen at 3pm.


  • 3:00 Air Dyne
  • 20/20 Band Walks (purple)
  • 10 Band Presses (purple)
  • 10/10 Flamingos
  • Squat Hold


I wanted to get in some light squats to easy my legs back into things and hopefully get back on track for Super Squats this week.

2-3-X-1 Tempo, 90 seconds between sets

  • 5 @ 45# to warm-up
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 120#
  • 5 @ 135#
  • 5 @ 165#
  • 5 @ 180#

Wow, was it humid in the box today. I was sweating buckets after only a few sets. These weren’t particularly easy or hard, so solid work for me coming back. Three seconds in the hole is deceiving and I recommend everyone try some. You can’t use the bounce to come back up at all, so it’s all drive.


10:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 20 Wall Balls (20# MB, 10′ target)
  • Evens: 10 Over the Box Jumps (28″)

Did all of the wall balls unbroken without any trouble. Was a bit wiped out for the box jumps though, which is my specialty, so you know I’m still fatigued.


1/2 Mile Sled Drag (135#)

Stopped for water every 2 laps (1/3 of the way). Should have maybe mixed in some backwards pulling, but just wanted to keep going.


10:00 Row

Nice and slow. I think I was at 16-17 spm most of the way. Not trying to kill myself, just sweat and get the heart beating.

Was there about 2 hours and felt so much better than the “Hope” WOD yesterday. I bet I lot at least a few pounds through sweating, so tried to keep drinking water.

Mud Crud

I’ve been sick since Sunday. Damn Tough Mudder! At least 5 or 6 people from our group were puking sick and many others felt bad. I guess there was an outbreak of norovirus going around from something there. I’ve had mostly sinus issues and fatigue, with night sweats that have kept me from getting much sleep. Haven’t worked all week and have been craving a workout. Went to the ER early this morning to get checked out after reading about some scary things that can cause night sweats.

Decided to hop on the Air Dyne today to sweat on my terms and get moving.

  • 5:00 Warm-up (60-65 rpm)
  • 10 Rounds
    • 30 seconds fast
    • 30 seconds rest
  • 5:00 Cool-down (60-65 rpm)

Knocked out 436 calories and traveled 8.52km. Definitely got my sweat on!