Last Day in Seaside


Ran 2.09 miles in 17:04. Running an 8 minute per mile pace has become incredibly easy for me due to CrossFit.


5 sets

  • 5 Leg Press
  • 1m Rest
  • 5 Seated Row
  • 1m Rest

For the leg presses I set the machine to 145#, 175#, 190#, 220#, and 250#. I wanted to simulate heavy squats. Probably could have gone heavier throughout, but I had no idea how I’d do on the machine. For the seated rows I had a pretty good idea of my strength there since I used the machine earlier in the week. I went with settings at 100#, 130#, 145#, 160#, and 175#.


I went with a pretty simply workout to finish off my week. 200 Russian Twists with a 30# DB for time. I finished it in 4:21.

8 is Great


Didn’t push hard on the run, just a nice easy pace and did it in 9:14.


5 sets

  • 5 Rotary Shoulder
  • MAX Pull-ups
  • 1-2m rest

For the rotary shoulder I set the machine to 100#, 115#, 130#, 145#, and 160#. I set a new PR on my first set of pull-ups by getting 8. For the other sets I completed 6, 6, 6, and 5 reps.


5 rounds

  • 20 Sit-ups
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 10 Push Presses

I used 35# DBs for the push presses and they got really tough after the 2nd round, but I powered through and finished in a time of 10:14.

Making the Most of Machines

This morning I headed over to the fitness center in Seaside, FL, which we get access to. Pretty nice facility with a lot of nice machines, an assortment of DBs, and some other equipment.


  • .58 mile run
  • 3 rounds
    • 15 Hip Extensions
    • 15 Sit-ups
    • 30s Plank
    • 10 One-arm KBS (each arm) using a 30# DB
    • 20 Band Walk Steps L
    • 10 Band Presses
    • 20 Band Walk Steps R
    • 10 Band Presses


4 sets

  • 10 seated row (100#, 115#, 130#, 160#)
  • 10 rotary chest (100#, 130#, 160#, 175#)


3 rounds

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 10 Squat Clean and Press using 40# DBs

My total time was 10:55. The squat cleans and presses were really draining on me.


0.34 mile run

Overlooking the Beach

Yesterday I took a well-deserved rest day after the race. Flew out to Seaside, FL and will be here all week for a meetup with some people from work. This morning I headed out for a run and a WOD on the beach. I ended up doing my WOD on the flat part of this stairway with a view.


Not a bad way to start the day!

I ran a 1.1 mile warm-up.


8 Tabata Rounds:

  • Plank (on hands)
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Air Squats

Then I ran back the 1.1 miles again at a faster pace.

1st Place

This morning I competed in the Out for Blood Duathlon in Mount Pleasant, MI. The event is a 5k run followed by a 20k bike. There are both road and mountain bike divisions, which is really nice. I finished first in the men’s age 26-35 mountain bike division! Official times won’t be posted online for a few days (they aren’t very organized). I did track each leg of the race using RunKeeper, so I have a rough idea of my total time, depending on how long my transition took (I didn’t hurry).

5k run – 22:20

20k bike – 46:46

That should put me somewhere around an hour and 10 minutes total I’m guessing. Last year I was in the 30-39 men’s mountain bike division and won, but they switched up the divisions for some reason this year. My 5k run was 24:13, so I cut nearly 2 minutes there. Leading up to this year’s race I only completed one run longer than a mile in the last month and it was a 4 mile run at a slow 9:36/mile pace on a recovery day. You don’t need to run to get better at running. Do CrossFit!

My total time last year was 1:12:32, so I probably improved that by a little more than 2 minutes there. I was really cruising on the bike but in the 8th mile, we turned straight into the wind and it killed my pace. Check out the splits on RunKeeper and you can see exactly where it happened. I went from a 3:36 in mile 7 to a 4:43 in mile 8.

I’m really happy with my run and how steady of a pace I was able to keep. Looking forward to the full results getting posted online so I can see how I fared compared to mountain bikers in the other divisions.

The Sissy Test

Yesterday was my first real day off since the previous Monday. Unless I count last Friday, which was a light day with some snatch work and HSPUs. I did walk 9 holes of golf yesterday, but that’s nothing intense. This morning I realized my neck is really starting to loosen up. I can almost crack it on my own again, which I haven’t been able to do for over 2 months. I think the big reason for the recovery is that I haven’t done DUs at all in the last 2 weeks. Whenever I get back to them I’ll have to make it a priority to keep my neck in a good position, without chicken-necking.

Only one part in the class today, the Sissy Test.


Burpees & Russian KBS

  • 25 – 1
  • 24 – 2
  • 23 – 3
  • 3 – 23
  • 2 – 24
  • 1 – 25

You can start with 25 burpees or 25 KBS, whatever suits you. Burpees were recommended and I think that’s what everyone did. I might go with the KBS next time for the hell of it. No need to get out your calculators because I did the math in my head before we started. 325 reps of each!

I used a 55# KB and finished in 41:38! I nearly met Pukie for the first time in the round of 24 KBS. This was definitely an endurance WOD. I kept going with as short of breaks as I could. My knees aren’t feeling the greatest and I can tell my back is going to be wrecked. Cardio-wise I felt great after a few minutes of rest. The only time I watched the clock was early on because I wanted to compare to Open Workout 12.1, which was the 7 minutes of burpees. I completed the first 4 rounds of this in just under 7 minutes, so that was 94 burpees and 10 KBS with a paced effort and some small breaks between rounds. These burpees weren’t up to the strict standards of the Open workout when I did 92 burpees, but it’s a pretty good indication of how much I’ve improved in my fitness since then.

Can you complete the Sissy Test?