Cold Shoes

I didn’t get in the ROMWOD Thursday night and didn’t do anything at all yesterday either. Legs are a little tight from Thursday’s lifting workout. This morning I did 40 minutes of ROMWOD and then headed to the track after 11am to close out the 11th “week” of Aerobic Capacity training. I jogged about 0.33 miles to the track and walked 100 meters to the start line. Should have taken my shoes out of the car yesterday, because my feet felt frozen!

Aerobic Capacity – VO2 Max


  • 400m (target: 19-21s/100m)
  • 100m jog

An aggressive pace. Probably one of my worst days so far. I went 1:22, 1:27, 1:30, 1:37, and 1:40 with the jogs ranging from 0:54-1:07. So only a 20% success on hitting the target pace today. 😦

Walked a lap and then jogged 0.43 miles back (longer since I was on the far side of the track).

Hmmm… still no mile test in week 12. It better come up soon with this weather changing and I’m not going no renew for another month in November.