Got to the gym around 4:30 to do my own thing.


3 Rounds

  • 10 V-ups
  • 15s GHD Bridge
  • 5 Ring Swings

Gymnastics Strength

  • 50 Strict HSPU

I did a set of 10, 5 sets of 4, and finally 4 sets of 5. Wanted to get in some solid volume


  • 5,000m Row

My goal was to average a 1:52 pace or less. My previous best was a time of 18:58.5 (1:53.8/500m) in July. Managed to beat my goal by 0.5s/500m to come home with a time of 18:35.0. All five of my 1,000m splits averaged under that 1:53.8. I expected the 3rd or 4th to be slower than they were because I was really hurting through those. Very happy with the 23.5 second PR!


It sure is long and shitty sitting on the rower for this distance at speed. At an aerobic pace it has become pretty enjoyable. After rolling around on the ground for about 5 minutes I jumped on the Air Dyne (AD2) for an easy 10:00 to flush out my legs and went 2.49 miles. Then I did a bunch of back mobility stuff and hung on the inversion table a couple of times too. Rest day tomorrow!

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