Kipping Deficits

Feeling those lunges from Sunday and probably a little bit of the various squatting yesterday. Left shoulder is still funky. Out in the garage tonight since it was a busy day. Remember to heat the place up first. 🙂

Skill WOD “Be the Master of your Volume” Week 2 Day 2

Skipping the day 1 muscle-ups this week to see if my shoulder improves.

Warm-up: 3 Rounds

  • 10 Pass-thrus (over & under grips)
  • 10 Straddle V-ups
  • 10 Back Extensions
  • 10 Bridge Rocks

The wall walks bother my shoulder going through the middle so I put the bridge rocks in this week.

Mobility: 5 Sets

  • 10s GHD Hanging Stretch/Bridge

Test Your Max

I didn’t feel the need to do a 1RM deficit again and eat up all that time so I did a few warm-up sets and then got right into working sets. These are all kipping handstand push-ups with a deficit.

  • 2@1″
  • 2@4
  • 2@5.75
  • 4×6@6.5
  • Max @ 6.5 (7 reps)

The prescription is working sets at 70% but I was lower than that last week and still had to decrease to get in the volume. Today I went another inch lower to start, which ends up putting me at 50%. Got all the working sets and an extra rep in that max set. I rested 2:15 between the working sets because I was late catching the clock on the first set so decided to stick with it. Felt much better about that! Here’s my first working set.

Strength Accessory: 5 Sets

  • 8 Seated DB Press (45#)
  • 20 Barbell Hollow Rocks (45#)

I have access to more dumbbell options at home so increased over the 40# I’ve been using. Found out these hollow rocks are indeed holding a barbell. Pretty interesting twist to them.


5 Rounds

  • 25 Push Press (75#)
  • 50 DU

Got this sucker from the “Light” category of the Beyond the Whiteboard Fitness Level workouts. High reps at low weight was a nice challenge for me. Cool combo with push press using a lot of calves, which also comes into play with the jump rope obviously. Then both fatigue the shoulders.

I got the new RPM handles for my jump rope and it came with a bare wire cable, so I figured I’d try it again. Yesterday was the first working trying it out and the result was very disappointing. So today I went back to the old handles that have a coated cable. Like night and day and it doesn’t hurt like a bitch if you miss. I will be swapping cables on those new handles for sure.

I only had 3 misses on dubs. Went 43-7, 8-42, 7-43, and the last two rounds unbroken! I broke up the push presses into 15-10, 2 rounds of 10-8-7, and then 15-10 the final two rounds. Finished in 10:31. I might be feeling that one for a few days.

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