Cardio Times Three

I used the rumble roller a few times yesterday and I think it really helped with my recovery. My ass and low back are still spicy from Monday, but not as bad as they were last night. Shoulders, triceps, and lats are kind of sore from yesterday. Went in for the 9am and was the only one to show up.

A day of 3 WODs, with each WOD having a 10:00 time cap. If you finish early, you get to rest for the remainder of the 10 minutes. No breaks or extra time between each WOD, so it’s a 30 minute running clock overall.

A couple of weeks ago we did a similar format, which was a lot of fun. When I saw this posted I was definitely looking forward to it after hitting the lower body hard on Monday and the upper body hard on Tuesday. In need of a light day!


  • Multiplanar (ankle/knee/hip mobility) – 10 each leg
    • Back to front leg swings with a knee dip on the forward swing
    • Leg swing out to the side with a knee dip
    • Skaters with a knee dip
  • 10-15 Each Side
    • Glute Bridge Marching
    • Human Snowflake
    • T-Stabilization
  • 600m Run
  • 50 feet World’s Greatest Stretch

Good to get in some solid mobility work after the last couple of days.

WOD #1

4 Rounds

  • 15 Wall Balls (20# MB, 10′ target)
  • 250m Row

All unbroken, not too difficult. Finished in 6:44.

WOD #2

4 Rounds

  • 200m Run
  • 20 KBS (53# KB)

Not very fun. Runs got progressively slower and the KBS sucked, but I did them all unbroken. Emily says my technique could use a lot of improvement to help me expend less energy. I was just trying to survive during the last 2 rounds. Finished around 6:40.

WOD #3

4 Rounds

  • 25 Sit-ups
  • 25 Push-ups (chest to deck)

I knew this would be the worst one due to the push-ups. All of the sit-ups were unbroken and I tried not to get to the point of failure on my push-ups, but 100 is a lot no matter what you do. I had to split them up a lot after the first 25. Finished in 8:13.