Flying Solo

Legs are a little sore from the squats, hill sprints, and lunges yesterday so thought I’d take it easy and just do some cardio, but work on a skill at the same time. Went out to the parking lot with the jump rope. Warmed up with 100 single jumps.

Flight Simulator


  • Unbroken DUs

I got up through 35 in about 4 and a half minutes and then hit a wall. Since the last time I tried this, I also stopped and turned around at 35, I finally decided to do the same today. Took me a bit to get that set of 30 unbroken in and 25 was a struggle too, but after that it was fast and easy. Finished the Flight Sim 35 in 11:03, which is 3:48 faster than when I did it just over a month and a half ago. I’d say that’s pretty good progress on my DUs.

I did another 200 single jumps to cool down some. Not a big workout, but got the blood pumping, which felt good.